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[ March 17, 2018 ]

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[ March 17, 2018 ]

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[ March 17, 2018 ]

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[ March 17, 2018 ]

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Islamophobes relive Parsons Green subway terror


These Britons are stoking the flames of “islamophobia” by reliving the terrifying moment when this jihad bomb exploded on their commuter train. They’re making the people of the UK think ill of the Muslim who did this, and possibly also of Islam itself. How long will it be before Theresa May denounces them for their “islamophobia”? In the new Britain, Brits are going to have to learn to take jihad terrorism and like it. Anything else would be hateful, racist and bigoted.

“Terrifying moment fireball ripped through packed Parsons Green Tube train ‘after Iraqi asylum seeker, 18, detonated nail bomb that sent commuters fleeing for their lives,'” by Anthony Joseph and Stewart Paterson, Mailonline, March 8, 2018:

This is the terrifying moment passengers fled for their lives as a ‘Mother of Satan’ bomb tore through a packed commuter train.

Heart-stopping footage, released by the Met Police, shows the blast engulf the London Underground train at Parsons Green station last year.

Panic erupts as injured commuters run for their lives in the moments after the explosion.

The harrowing video was released as commuters today relived the terrifying moment a bomb detonated inside their carriage.

Stephen Nash told jurors at the trial of suspected bomber, Ahmed Hassan, that he was reading a newspaper, ‘oblivious’ to what was going on before he reached the west London stop.

He told the court: ‘At Parsons Green there was a loud bang. There was a blinding flash to my left and I was engulfed in flames. I was thrown to the ground. The flames were overwhelming.’

Mr Nash said his head and back were caught by the flames. He said: ‘It was intense heat. I thought I had lost my ears. I thought my head was on fire.’

Iraqi Hassan, 18, is accused of building a deadly explosive device, packed with 5lbs of knives, screwdrivers and nails for ‘maximum carnage’, at the foster home where he was given refuge.

The bomb contained 14oz of the explosive TATP, commonly known as ‘Mother of Satan’, and sent a fireball through a District Line carriage packed with rush-hour commuters – injuring 30 – at Parsons Green station in West London on September 15 last year.

He told the court he smelled burning hair and bleach. Mr Nash said he woke up after a couple seconds to find he was the only person left on the train.

‘I was knocked out so I woke up on the carriage floor and it was a matter of seconds,’ he said.

‘I called out to the Tube. Just as I got to the doors, the doors started to close.

‘It was a little bit scary and I called out onto the platform.’

Mr Nash was taken to an emergency triage centre in a local pub. He had severe burns to his head and ears which were treated by a plastic surgeon as well as blisters to his mouth and nose.

He added: ‘My hair was burnt off at the back. I lost my hair in clumps at the top.’

Mr Justice Haddon-Cave asked: ‘Was there a moment when you were the last person left in the carriage?’

Mr Nash replied: ‘That’s my recollection.’

Victoria Holloway, who suffered a flash burn to her face, said the smell after the explosion reminded her of the lingering smell in science class.

She said: ‘It was a loud bang, I had headphones in and I still heard, it was extremely loud.

‘I heard this whoosh of things kind of similar to if you turned on a Bunsen Burner and lit a match. I saw these bright orange flames… they were touching my legs, I could see them wrapping around my knees.

‘The air was full of dust and debris and like a powdery substance which smelled quite strongly of chemicals.

‘It made me think of when you were in science class and could smell lingering smells.’

Aimee Colville, whose hair caught fire in the blast, said: ‘I was standing in the middle of the tube I was holding the centre pole with my arm and I was facing down the tube and I heard a loud bang, like a cracking bang.’

She said she first thought the train had broken down until she saw a ‘wall of glass’ flying past her’ and a man in front of her ‘jolt forward’.

‘I don’t know how I came to be on the floor.

‘That morning I had curled my hair and I had put hairspray in my hair so when the flames came over me my hair caught fire.’

Another passenger Lucinda Glazebrook wept as she entered the witness box to give evidence from behind a curtain.

She said: ‘All I saw was a fireball above a man’s head in front of the doors. I felt the heat on my face.

‘I heard people screaming and I held the pole and then I turned around and I saw the doors were open.

‘I kept touching my face and my hair was coming out in chunks and I asked somebody if my face was burnt.

‘I felt the heat from the fireball, I was scared of what it had done to my face.’

Ms Glazebrook was treated in a restaurant opposite the station before being taken to St Thomas’ Hospital.

Mr Justice Haddon-Cave thanked her for giving her evidence as she left the witness box in tears….

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