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EXCLUSIVE: Local Texas United Methodist Church In Waco Now Embracing Islam


WACO, TX – On-the-ground sources in west Texas confirm that the United Methodist Church (UMC) is potentially engaged in a massive operation designed to reprogram churches as virtual mosques in preparation for a deluge of Muslim refugees.

While President-elect Trump announces plans to defund “sanctuary cities,” churches (especially those with far-left theologies) are declaring their intent to invoke “sanctuary” for the millions already pouring across the border, including Muslim refugees. Some churches are even getting visits from “clergy” urging them to virtually roll over and accept an Islamic future. [RELATED: GELLER REPORT: Sanctuary Cities Showdown: Churches Loom As Thorn To Trump]

Members of a congregation in the historic college town of Waco, TX were the recipients of a sales pitch replete with exposure to Islamic texts during Sunday services.

Fearing for his safety, a member of the congregation at the Bosqueville United Methodist Church (UMC) in Waco, TX reached out on condition of anonymity.

In a special exclusive interview just for the Geller Report, the church member explained that he became aware of the Islamic “sanctuary” plan after an interim pastor began overtly preaching Sufi Islamic parables and asking the congregation to prepare for Catholic-style “sanctuary” protections for Muslim refugees, including possible terrorists (ISIS, al Qaeda, etc.)

Rev. Bill “Mac” Patterson, the interim pastor, installed ostensibly to take a barometer of how receptive the church might be [to taking in refugees], was reportedly fond of one particular Islamic short story, “The Scorpion and the Frog.”

In the story, a scorpion asks a frog to carry him across a river.  The frog hesitates at first, afraid of being stung, but the scorpion points out that stinging the frog would be suicidal. The frog agrees, and midway across the river the scorpion stings the frog — dooming them both. When the frog asks for an explanation, the scorpion replies, “It’s in my nature.”

Parables of this nature are typically used to demonstrate the necessity of caution about those who would do us harm, but, disturbingly, the reverend taught parishioners that Christians are the “frog” and Muslims are the “scorpion,” adding that the frog was supposed to let the scorpion sting, kill and destroy him, because it is “the frog’s nature,” recounted the source.

“Women in Europe are getting raped by Muslims and not reporting it,” the church-member says, clearly upset. “We need to not put up resistance, and not ‘change our nature’ and just keep getting stung over and over. It would be un-Christian to defend our families; that’s the message we were getting,” he continued.

The source claims that Rev. Patterson spent a lot of time tying the Sufi parable to his own ever-present (but Biblically questionable) theme, of “helping the oft-forgotten stranger.”

“Our job is to help the stranger” and “we are always encouraged that our mission is to focus on the ‘oft forgotten stranger,’” a phrase Patterson allegedly used periodically to talk about modern immigration concerns. Destruction of the church in the name of fulfilling a command is intellectually disingenuous, the source argues, saying, “A lot of churches in Europe have taken people in to sleep on floors and in a week’s time, are mosques,” he remarked, expressing his belief that churches are being “tenderized” to swallow Islamization.


In fact, the source is more accurate than he may realize: 10,000 churches in the UK alone were volunteered to be used as mosques to accommodate the influx of assimilation-resistant Muslims.

“We are at war with radical Islam. Europe is being overrun. To come and talk this way in this day and age … this community may be being tenderized to receive a dozen, a hundred, maybe a thousand of these people. Churches are the gatekeepers in communities. If this message is meant to soften us and tenderize us to accepting Syrian refugees we need to be aware of that, we need to have our eyes open,” he continued, urging a call to action.

After weeks of inundating the congregation with watered down, Islamized scripture, the board of trustees at the church was later asked by the reverend to approve a (surprise, surprise) federally supervised refugee scheme, which they ultimately refused, the source added. After the church trustees said, “No,” UMC sent its District Supervisor to ask the congregation directly, “How would you feel about taking in some Syrian refugees?”

“My gut instinct is that this could be the whole reason he [Rev. Patterson] came here in the first place,” the church-member said.

Talking about what the whole experience felt like, the source explained that Patterson (and later the supervisor) treated the church like sample consumers in a mirrored room, checking off responses to different products.

In keeping with the source’s assessment, Geller Report learned that the church installed state-of-the-art video surveillance systems around the same time Patterson came on board, and, unlike most proprietary video systems, what was being recorded could not be accessed by anyone at the church.

When the source began asking questions, senior church staff told him that the content is viewed off-site at an undisclosed location; even the church staff supposedly do not know where the content can be viewed. The church is very small, raising even further questions.

There are a number of possible explanations for why UMC supports housing Muslim refugees. These include woeful ignorance, tolerance that is blindly inclusive, and the typically hyper-partisan composition of its congregations.

But there’s also evidence that suggests Hillary Clinton may be behind UMC’s new Islamic flavor, reports Dr. Jerome Corsi at

Hillary Clinton’s Foundry United Methodist Church and the United Methodist Church (national) recently formed a partnership with the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) under the auspices of UMC. ISNA is an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorism financing scheme in U.S. history.

ISNA’s “interfaith partnership” is housed within UMC headquarters in Washington, D.C. FBI Director James Comey is also a member of UMC.

In keeping with the Obama administration’s whitewashing of anything smacking of radical Islam, DHS Director Jeh Johnson spoke at an ISNA event on “Muslim empowerment.” To reiterate, the government official charged with preventing acts of radical Islamic terror at home was a featured speaker at a terrorist-financing shell group.

Other explanations for UMC’s strange exercise in lunacy include the proactive lawbreaking carried out by President Obama and his administration on immigration, and Muslim refugees especially. Obama’s order to U.S. Border Patrol to stop arresting, deporting, or doing anything to stop Muslim refugees – no matter who they are or why they are coming in — is unmatched in the annals of presidential history.

His only primary job is to enforce the law, specifically, “Take care that the laws be faithfully executed.” [Constitution]

Additionally, DHS subcontractor G4S, has been caught deliberately driving Muslim illegal aliens from terrorist-sponsoring states deep into America’s heartland and giving them papers to validate their presence in the country; this same contractor hired Omar Mateen, who carried out the Orlando tragedy and later claimed affiliation with ISIS. These actions can be traced directly to the president’s lawlessness on immigration.

DHS people-smuggling and Obama’s stand-down order to Border Patrol is not merely passive non-enforcement of obscure immigration laws or a clerical error. These actions represent “giving aid and comfort” to America’s enemies. Obama’s impending departure is also no guarantee that recent activities will be without consequences. Civil unrest is still possible.

Much like an STD, the consequences of bad immigration policy can affect the host for many years after the “mistake.”

Churches may host the virus long after Trump pursues a remedy. And places of worship are legally allowed to do this. With law enforcement unable to enter without a warrant, churches could easily become strategic terror centers.

From Kool-Aid drinking gone wrong, to today’s unholy union of government, churches, and Islamic invaders, Waco is yet again ground zero for a suicidal event – but this time, every life in the country may be at stake.

John Griffing is an Associate Editor with The Daily Caller, an investigative journalist, media relations expert and public speaker who has been instrumental in demanding transparency in the public sphere. His interview credits include Fortune 500 executives, as well as key public officials. He helped run the largest Republican Political Action Committee (PAC) in Texas and served as ‘Executive Director’ of the largest county Republican Party in Texas.

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