Obama’s State Dept. Bars Christians from Testifying about Persecution

For the umpteenth time, who side is the Obama administration on? The savages. The “radical transformation” Obama promised on the campaign trail is indeed complete. Islamic supremacism is now de facto Obama foreign policy. The first and most fatal casualty of Obama’s sharia adherence is the truth. “U.S. State Dept. Bars Christians from Testifying about…

Graffiti on Serbian Convent in Muslim Kosovo: “The Only Good Serb Is A Dead Serb”

The events of last two months indicate the ongoing persecutions of the Serbian population of Kosovo and Metohija. This is more of the poisonous fruit of Bill Clinton’s ill-advised intervention into the Balkans in the 1990s, which has created a Muslim state in the heart of Europe — a base for the jihad and an ongoing source of persecution for the area’s Christians.

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