The Ultimate Jihad Championship Featuring Belal Muhammad

The politicization of sports continues with the Ultimate Fighting Championship featuring Belal Muhammad. Belal Muhammad is an American mixed martial artist who competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Chicago native, Belal Muhammad supports the “Palestinian Children’s Relief Foundation”. http://pcrf.net/ufc-fighter-belal-muhammad-supports-the-pcrf/ The PCRF worked with the Holy Land Foundation which was shut down in the largest terror…

It’s Ramadan at Obama’s White House

UPDATED 12:02 am: Obama Calls Islam Part of America at White House Ramadan Dinner on the fifth anniversary of Beslan. President Barack Obama highlighted the contributions made by Muslims to American culture and the “dynamism and diversity” of the Islamic community. “Islam, as we know, is part of America,” Obama said at a White House…

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