Additional Security Measures Taken for July 4th Jihad Terror: The 30 Americans ALREADY arrested in 4th of July terror alert – including ‘bad b******s plotting another Boston bombing’, National Guardsman who wanted to ‘repeat Charlie Hebdo’ and ‘Minnesota Martyrs’

This, too, is a form of terror — it’s not part of their pattern to hit on big infidel holidays, but it is Ramadan, always a time of increased islamic violence. They don’t repeat themselves, so something new can be expected; whether it will be on the fourth of July or not remains to be…


Watch VIDEO: ISIS jihadi who led execution of Christians appears to be an American Muslim

It appears that the jihadist who led the mass slaughter on Christians was an American Muslim. Looks like AFDI will be creating another “yesterday’s moderate is today’s headline” ad. Again and again and again, I repeat, A is A. Jihad is jihad. The leftist/Islamic lie that is rammed down our throats by Islamic supremacists like…

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