Islam in America

Prepared by Steven Harley Lawhead

1993:  The blind Sheikh, Islamic Military Leader, mujahadin, was arrested along with others, al Sayyid Nosair, for planning to blow up the Holland and Lincoln Tunnels among other places in NYC.

1993:  Mujihadin group in NYC attempt to assassinate Mubarak, Egyptian President.

1993  Sheik Omar Abdel RAHMAN, NOSAIR receive life sentences for their part in the bombing plot.

1994:  Muslim mujahadin attacks bus full of Hasidic Jewish Boys on the Brooklyn Bridge, killing one, wounding others.

1995:  Sami al Arian, US College Professor, mujahadin, arrested and convicted for terrorism, al Arian plead guilty.

1996: Aiyad Sadaqa, mujihadin, purchased electronic equipment and phone used by Osama bin Laden to give military orders, purchased in Missouri.

1996:  Hizballah military group in North Carolina support Hizballah by buying tobacco products in North Carolina and selling them in Michigan.  They contribute Millions to Hizballah.

1996: Osama Bin LADEN declares war against the United States.

1997: Two Islamic mujahadin, attempt to blow up the subway in Brooklyn, NYC, NY.

1997:  Ali Abu Kamal, mujahdin, killed one and wounded six others in NYC, Empire State Building.

1998     Ali MOHAMAD, Mujihadin,  was convicted on Terrorist Charges.

1998:  Osama Bin LADEN and Aiman Al ZAWAHIRI continue to declare war against the United States

1999/2000: Islamic military Group, mujahadin, makes a border crossing into the United States from Canada with the military mission to blow up the Las Angeles Airport.

2000:  Hizballah Military Group is arrested in North Carolina on Tax Evasion charges after 6 years of supporting Hizballah with millions of U. S. Dollars selling tobacco products in Michigan that were purchased in NC.

2001:  Muslim military group, mujihadin, fly aircraft/WMD into WTC, NYC.

2001/2002: Numerous Islamic charity organizations shut down and prosecuted for supporting mujihadin. CAIR is un-indicted co-conspirator.

2002:  Hadayet, mujahadin, kills two at el Al terminal, LA airport.

2002:  Charles J. Bishop BISHRA, mujihadin, crashed airplane into building, in Florida.

2002:  John Mohammad, mujahadin, beltway sniper, D.C.

2002: Patrick Gott, mujihadin, shoots at many, kills one in Airport, New Orleans.

2002:  EPA warns that chemical plants should increase security measures due to mujihadin targeting.

2004:  Two muslim mujahdin attempt to blow up NYC subway and other targets.

2004:  Mohammed Ali Alayed, mujahadin, killed jewish man in Texas.

2004: Mujihadin, shoots a guard at a chemical plant in Freeport Texas, while conducting surveillance of the plant.

2004:  Ryan Anderson, US Army, AKA: Amir Talhah, mujihadin, attempted to provide info to al Qaeda.

2004:  FBI issues warning that Islamic mujihadin might attack VA hospitals in the United States.

2004:  Plans of US schools found on CD in Iraq by US forces.

2005: Ali Warrayat, mujihadin, crashed car into a store front.

2005:  Mahmoud Yousef Kourani plead guilty to supporting terrorism in Dearborn, MI

2005:  Joel Henry Hinrichs III, mujihadin, first suicide bomber, Oklahoma University football game.

2005: Five muslims, mujihadin, illegal aliens from Egypt, with maps of NYC subway systems and landmarks arrested.

2005:  Tarik Shah and Mahmud Faruq Brent, mujihadin, Doctor and Martial Arts expert, plead guilty to terrorist acts in the US.

2005:  Three under investigation for selling drivers licenses to mujihadin, in Michigan.

2005: One under investigation for selling Georgia ID’s to mujihadin.

2005:  Coptic Christian Family murdered by two muslim converts, mujihadin, NJ.

2005:  Two mujihadin robbing to fund jihad, they were recruited from U. S. Prison system, they targeted US military facilities in CA.  They plead guilty to waging war against the United States.

2006:  Michael Ford, mujahadin, kills one and injures five in Denver, CO.

2006:  Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar, mujahadin, drives vehicle into crowd at North Carolina University.

2006:  Osama Sabhi Adulhassan and Ali Housaiky of Dearborn, MI arrested on supporting terrorist charges.

2006:  Mujtaba Jabbar mujihadin, shooting at an audience of theater, killing one.

2006:  Naveed Afazl Haq, mujihadin, attacks several in Seatle, kills one.

2006:  Omeed Aziz Popal, mujihadin, runs over 14 in San Francisco.

2006:  Sayed Khaled el-Waraky, mujihadin, runs over a few people in VA.

2006: Muslim military group, mujihadin, plan to attack the sears tower in Chicago, they are from Florida.

2006:  Muslim military group, mujihadin train at a West Plains trucking school, West Plains, Mo.

2006:  Mujihadin found with 1000 cell phones in Mi.

2006:  Two Saudi men, mujihadin, are arrested after boarding a school bus in Tampa, Florida, reminding us of Israelis attacked on bus in Israel, and of attack on Hasidic Jewish boys on Brooklyn bridge.

2007:  Several mujihadin camps found in the United States, New York, MO, VA.

2007:  Sulejman Talovic, mujihadin, shooting up the place in UT.

2007:  Ahmad, mujihadin, attacked Airforce Security Forces in Florida.

2007:  Jaider Mohammad, mujahadin, threatened to kill all jews.

2007:  Ibrihim Ahmed, mujahadin, attempted to kill two with his cab.

2007:  Iftekhar Murtaza, mujahdin, murdered three in Cal.

2007:  Group of muslim military, mujihadin, were plotting to kill U. S. Soldiers on Fort Dix, NY.

2007: FBI investigating mujihadin entering US through Mexican border, as well as equipment.

2007:  Mujihadin cache of weapons found in Dallas, Texas, near a federal building.

2007:  Derrick Shareef, AKA: Talib abu Salam ibn Shareef, mujihadin, arrested for attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction on a mall in Chicago.

2007: Former Sailor, Paul Hall, AKA: Hassan Abu Jihad, arrested for selling secrets to mujihadin.

2007:  Youseff Samir Megahed and Amed Adellatif Sherif Mohamed, Mujihadin, are arrested for carrying explosives outside a Naval Base in South Carolina in their car.

2007:  Hussein ZORKOT, Hizballah supporter, mujihadin, was found in a park in Dearbornistan, Michigan with an AK-47.

2007:  Talal CAHINE, Hizballah supporter, in Dearbornistan, MI. Provided $20mil to Hizballah.

2007:  Elfat al AOUR, CAHINE’s wife arrested for tax evasion in Dearbornistan, MI.

2007: Nada NADIM, FBI Agent, CIA Agent, sister of Elfat al AOUR, found to be a spy for Hizballah.  Plead Guilty in Federal Court, 2008.

2007:  The National Intelligence Estimate, of the National Intelligence Council, declared publicly that the Islamic mujihadin such as Hizballah and al Qaeda are a threat to the United States of America.

2007:  The Department of Defense identifies the North American Muslim Brotherhood as a threat due to the ideology of expansionism and the desire to destroy the Constitution of the United States and the enact Sharia Law in its place.

2007:  SGT Weiss RASOOL, 31, Fairfax County Police, mujihadin,  Found Guilty in Federal Court of Supporting Terrorism by using the Law Enforcement Computer to alert targeted Terrorists Suspects, mujihadin, of a Federal Investigation.

2007:  Jehia Ali Ahmed ALOMARI, Mohamed al HURAIBI,  Saleh Mohamed Taher SAEED, Mujihadin, Supporting terrorism, by providing funds to Hizballah through money laundering. New York.

2007:  Nadire P. ZENELAJ, Mujihadin, supported terrorism by using her position as a 911 operator to research names on the 911 system. New York.

2008: Honor killing in Dallas of two muslim girls who were too American (apostates from Islam).

2008: Basel Saleh Salem KASSEM, mujihadin terrorized a train after telling he had a bomb, VA.

2008:  Hesham Islam, High ranking official in the Pentagon, Department of Defense, Steps down from his position after he is found to be a member of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood, U. S. Muslim Brotherhood.

2008:  Siljander, US politician, mujihadin, indicted for supporting mujihadin, Michigan.

2008:  FBI and DHS issue warning that Islamic mujihadin female suicide bombers may attack targets in the United States in February, 2008.

2008:  FBI warns of attacks in the United States by Hizballah mujihadin who have cells already set up in the United States.

2008:  Imam Mohammad QATANANI, mujihadin, in New Jersey, in Federal Deportation Court, admitted to being a member of HAMAS, a terrorist organization.

2008:  Mohammad AMAWI, Marwan EL-HINDI, Wassim MAZLOUM, Mujihadin, convicted on all counts of Conspiring to Kill or Injure, US Personnel outside the United States, Ohio, USA.

2008:  Ahmed MOHAMED, Mujihadin, Guilty of providing Material Support to Islamic Terrorists, North Carolina.

2008:  Mohamed Reza ALAVI, mujihadin, illegally accessed computer in a nuclear software case, in AZ.

2008:  Samir Khan, mujihadin, Still advocating violent jihad against Americans, via internet, NC.

2008:  Ali JAWAD convicted of Insurance and Mail Fraud used to support Hizballah, US.

2008:  Yehia Ali Ahmed ALOMARI, Mohamad al-HURAIBI, Seleh Mohamed Taher SAID, mujihadin, arrested on money laundering charges to aid Hizballah, NY.

2008:  FBI arrested 10 mujihadin for ID fraud in NM.

2008:  Charles ALLEN, Undersecretary for Intelligence warns of a Nuclear Attack against the United States by the Mujihadin.

2008:  Sayed Mostafa MAGHLOUBI violated US trade embargo against IRAN, trying to purchase guns and night vision devices for IRAN, found Guilty. Los Angeles, CA.

2008:  Undercover (U/C) New York City Police Officer attends New York Mosque and undergoes mujihadin training in parks in the dead of night, training on how to murder.  The U/C spent time with muslims sharing fundamental muslim doctrine on murdering westerners.  The U/C watched mujihadin videos with the mujihadin and witnessed the muslims practicing fundamental doctrinal politicoreligious rituals, because jihad is an obligation for all muslims.

2008:  Chaudhry RASHID, killed his daughter, she dishonored her family, was becoming too American, and Apostated from Islam, in the State of Georgia, USA.   RASHID was practicing Sharia Law in the United States; Honor killings are allowed by Sharia law.

2008:  Israeli Shin Bet (Intelligence Agency) and Mossad (Intelligence Institution) analysts state the Global Jihad constitutes a threat to all Western Countries  (The United States of America), democratic regimes, and Moderate Arab Nations (Lebanon).

2008:  Islamic Society for North America admits to being connected with the Muslim Brotherhood along with North American Islamic Trust.

2008:  Intelligence analyst, Dr. William GRAHAM, Commission to assess the Threat to The United States from EMP Attack (Congress 2001) advised that Iran (Arian) was planning a Nuclear Attack Against the United States from the sea.  Detonations would be in the air creating Electro-magnetic interference.

2008:  Salaman Abdirahman DIRIE, mujihadin, found dead in a Denver residence with one pound of Sodium Cyanide, capable of killing hundreds of innocent people, four blocks from the capital building.  The Democratic Convention was to be held in Denver shortly after this interesting and threatening find.

2008: Presidential Candidate, Barrack Hussein OBAMA’s (AKA: Bary SOETORO Bin Lolo SOETORO) muslim adviser  Mazen Ashabi found to have ties with Islamic Terrorism, HAMAS and CAIR,  resigns from the position.  Ashabi was linked ot Jamel SAID who is linked to Hamas also linked to Dr. Jukaku TAYEB, President Michigan CAIR, linked to Muslim Brotherhood.

2008:  Akram Musa ABDALLAH, Mujihadin, raised money for Islamic Terrorist Organizations, and was charged in US Court, AZ.

2008:  Akeem Ramsel El, Mujihadin, threatened to Kill Presidential Candidate John MCCAIN, said he supports Islamic Terrorism.  (This is the Muslim way Sara 3:144  We (muslims) shall put terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers (Non-muslims), who associate other Gods with Allah without any authority from Allah.)

2008:  Egyptian National with a Sudanese Passport, Mujihadin, found to be testing a drone aircraft, without FAA approval, that can carry a payload of 600 lbs of explosives, NY.

2008:  Aafia DICCIQUI, MIT Graduate, Chemist, Mujihadin, arrested after she attempted to murder a US Army CPT.  SIDDIUQI was in possession of plans for chemical weapons and targets in NYC, NY.

2008:  Richard David HUPPER, Mujihadin, found guilty of supporting HAMAS, sentenced to 3.5 years in prison, he provided $2K to HAMAS.

2008:  Unidentified man, Mujihadin, screaming “allah” attacks a passenger on Philadelphia passenger train (Sudden Jihad Syndrome).

2008:  Muslim Cabbies lose bid to enact Sharia Law in cab companies (attack on culture), MN

2008:  Muslim Store Clerks win bid to enact Sharia Law in Stores, MN.

2008:  Fritz MARTIN, Daniel MARTIN, Y. ADEM, Mujihadin, arrested and charged for planning attack on US citizens and US military Installations which are US Territory, GE.

2008:  Mohammad QATANANI, Mujihadin, with known terrorist ties, is allowed to remain in the United States, NJ.

2008:  Mohamet KADAYIFCI, arrested and Charged for making bomb threats at US OPEN Tennis Match, NJ.

2008:  Minha HUSAINI, Mujihadin,  President Husein’s new Muslim Outreach Adviser, was found to have direct ties with Hamas and the Radical Muslim Brotherhood as well as members of the Council on American Islamic Relations, a UN-indicted Co-conspirator in a terror related trial.

2008: Saudi Arabia Royalty has been sending millions of dollars to the United States for textbooks for K-12 schools.  These textbooks distort Islamic, Jewish, and Christian History.   For instance, the textbooks claim Jesus Christ was a “young Palestinian”, Jesus was a Jewish man from Israel.  Another textbook revealed that the Quran was revealed to Mohamad by GOD, when in actuality it was revealed to Mohamed by Allah through one of his demons.  Another Textbook revealed that Jewish civilization contributed very Little to the world in the way of arts and science.  This is war on our Judeo-Christian culture by filling our children with lies.  Some of these text books have been studied and their use has been forbidden in some school districts but not all.

2008:  Mohamad MASOOD, mujihadin, Imam of the  mosque in Sharon, MA, deported after being found guilty of fraud.  MASOOD will leave the U. S. and return to Pakistan.

2008:  Hisham KHALEEL, found with stolen and copied ID’s and al Qaeda literature involving chemical purchases.

2008:  Azzam BAYTIE, 46, Mujihadin, Placed a back pack in a mosque making bomb threats. Police EOD destroyed the back pack.  BAYTIE was arrested and Charged, Austin, TX.

2008:  Mujihadin threaten to blow up the subway system in NYC, again, November 2008.

2008:  Holy Land Foundation found guilty of being Mujihadin.

2008:  The Fort Dix Mujihadin found Guilty of terrorism and Jihad, NY.

2009:  Ali al Marri indicted in federal court for supporting Terrorism in the United States,  Peoria, Illinois.

2009:  CAIR makes complaints that FBI informants should not be in mosques, even though muslims express that a call to the mosque is a call to war,  (Cultural Attacks against the United States of America).

2009:  Saad HUSSEIN sent an envelope with HIV infected blood to the President of the United States, Chicago, Il.  Sudden Jihad Syndrome.

2009:  Public School accommodates Muslim Prayer in the classroom, Wayne, New Jersey. (Cultural Attacks agains the United States).

2009:  Muslim Men in Minnesota are disappearing from their neighborhoods, possibly committing themselves to jihad.

2009:  AFP:  FBI Director, Robert Mueller warns of Mumbai style attacks occurring in the United States, Washington, DC.

2009:  FBI Director found some of the missing muslim men in Afghanistan:  Shirwa AHMED was found to be the first istishahada in Afghanistan,  AHMED hailed from Minnesota.  (This is not a first, remember the Mujihadin from the United States who fought in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union, this is a TTP so it should be of no surprise to any analyst worth his or her salt).

2009:  The President of the United States,  B. Hussein OBAMMA (AKA: Barry SOETORO bin Lolo SOETORO)  provided $20 million Dollars to GAZA refugees and provided $900 million to reconstruct Gaza following the attacks by HAMAS on Israel.

2009:  Muzzammil HASSAN beheads his wife Aasiya HASSAN, honor killing (Cultural Attack against the United States of America).  Bringing Sharia to the United States of America.  Sudden Jihad Syndrome.

2009:  Ahmadullah Sais NIAZI, Mujihadin, indicted for concealing ties to Jihadists, terrorists and terrorist organizations, Orange County, CA.

2009:  35 terrorist training camps found in the United States.

2009:  Reports of 500 Minnesota youths (of Somali Decent) have gone to Somalia to fight alongside Islamist Rebels.  There is a trend of Minnesota muslems going to fight with the Mujihadin.

2009:  Former FBI Special AGENT John BUANDOLO stated all major muslim organizations are controlled by the muslim brotherhood in the United States. Washington, DC.

2009:  Rasheed SCRUGS Mujihadin murdered Philadelphia Police officer John PAWLOWSKI.  Rasheed is a jailhouse convert to Islam.  Sudden Jihad Syndrome.

2009:  Kuwaiti Professor Abdallah al NAFISI suggested a biological attack on the White House.

2009:  Abdul al RAHMAN al ZAHRI, Mujihadin, Guantanamo Bay Prisoner, stated he was a threat to the United States of America.

2009:  Afghan Consulate Official Mohammed FIGARAD beat his wife like a dog for 15 hours straight, this is legal in Sharia.   New York.  Cultural attack against the United States of America.

2009:  Muslim Man, Mansa Musa MUHUMMED, 55, was imprisoned for life, seven life terms, for torturing his children and imprisoning two of the three wives.  Cultural Attack against the United States of America.  California.

2009:   CIA warns the United States that British born terrorists are the biggest threat to the United States now.  The British home grown Mujihadin will launch attacks against the US.  Washington, DC.

2009:  Youssef al KHATTAB, Mujihadin, Website operator, has posted threats against Jewish sites in New York City.  New York City Police are investigating.

2009:  FBI determines that CAIR has ties to HAMAS and now has stopped using them to assist in Investigations and as a consultant.

2009:  Walleed Allah MOHAMMAD, Mujihadin, found guilty, plead guilty, to first Degree Assault, after attempting to honor kill his sister.  (Cultural Attack on the United States of America).  Sudden Jihad Syndrome. New York.

2009:  Chaudry RASHID, Mujihadin, killed his daughter, in an honor killing.  (Cultural Attack on the United States of America).  Sudden Jihand Syndrome, `

2009:  Khaleel AHMED and Zubair AHMED, Mujihadin, Plead Guilty to supporting terrorism.  Toledo, OH.  Both Men are from Chicago, IL.

2009:  Ingrid MATTSON, admitted to having ties with HAMAS, to provide a prayer at presidential inauguration.  (Cultural Attacks against the United States of America)

2009:  The United Nations attempts to outlaw criticism of Islam.  (Cultural Attacks)

2009:  Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps representative states his nation of Iran can attack 32 US installations with rockets.

2009:  Ruben SHUMPERT aka: Amir Abdul MUHAIMEEN, Mujihadin, was found to be killed in Somalia, he hailed from the Great State of Washington, USA.

2009:  HAMAS had a pro HAMAS demonstration in LA, CA. There was also a pro jihad, pro HAMAS demonstration in NYC, Detroit, MI, etc.

2009:  Synagogue in Chicago was vandalized by muslims.  Synagogue in NC vandalized.

2009:  CAIR files a complaint with the Department of Transportation after muslims were removed from an airliner.  They DOT found in favor of the Airliner.  (Cultural Attack).

2009:  Molotov cocktail was thrown at a synagogue in Chicago.

2009:  Nine muslim passengers were removed from an airliner due to remarks they were making.  Washington, DC

2009     B. Hussein OBAMA (AKA: Barry SOETORO bin Lolo SOETORO)  administration Intelligence official mirrors the BUSH administration in stating that Afghanistan is a threat, and al-Aaeda is plotting new attacks against the United States.

2009  US is to accept 5000 Iraqi Refugees, DC.

2009     UN passes a resolution calling for the criminalization of criticism of Islam, NYC. (Cultural war)

2009  Muslims in Mosque demands that a nearby restaurant stop selling alcohol, KY (Cultural War, imposing Sharia).

2009      Nation of Islam (Farakan) has threatened auctioneers Julien and Martin NOLAN, attempting to stop them from selling memorabilia of fellow muslim Michael JACKSON, CA.  Affidavits have been submitted to a US Court.  (Cultural War).

2009 Virginia Government is providing Islamic schools in their state  special considerations not given to other schools, (cultural War).

2009  FBI is investigating Minnesota muslims returning from jihad in Somalia, MN.

2009     Mohammad ALKARAMLA, mujihadin, threatened to bomb a Jewish school in Chicago, ALKARAMLA was arrested. (IL).

2009  AIG promotes Sharia Law  (TAKEFUL INSURANCE does not invest in anything that is haram.  Haram is translated as prohibited by sharia),  the OBAMA administration is pumping tax payers money into this company, DC. (Cultural War)

2009     The FBI is tracking the recruitment of mujihadin in Minneapolis, MN.

2009     A US Senate Committee has warned that there is a growing domestic terrorist (Jihad) threat in the United States. Senate Homeland and Governmental Affairs Committee.

2009:  Amjad Mustafa HAMED, was convicted on terrorist support charges, including weapons transport charges.  In the same investigation, Ibriham Fadel HAMED, Sameh IBRAHEM, Saneh Ibrahim Ayman IBRAHIM, Basem IHBRAHIM, and Mohamed Jameel ABDELAZAS, were also found guilty and sentenced.  VA.

2009  FBI investigating Mosque in Minneapolis, MN, on members involved in terrorism.  MN.

2009      Kevin JAMES, pleaded guilty to terrorism charges, JAMES is the founder of Jamlyyat ul-islam is-saheeh, a prison Mujihadin group.  Responsible for attacks in California.  CA.

2009     Islamic mortgages now available in Minnesota

2009     The B. Hussein OBAMA (AKA: Barry SOETORO bin Lolo SOETORO)   administration is increasing the number of muslims in the administration in an effort to close the gap between the west and Islamic Sharia.

2009:  More reports of Hizballah and HAMAS crossing the border into the United States via Mexico.

2009:   Muslim Group shuts down a speech on the Quran by Geert WILDERS, Nashville, TN  (Cultural attack).

2009: Holy Land Foundation Chief was sentenced to 65 years in prison.  Sukri Abu BAKER, 50, found guilty of supporting HAMAS, Dallas, TX.

2009:  Pentagon statement:  One in seven GITMO detainees who are released to return to the Jihad and battle the WEST.  Washington, DC.

2009:  Mesa HAMAS, found Guilty of Supporting Jihad, AZ.

2009:  Multiple Law Enforcement Agencies Raid muslim area in Chicago, 2 in Custody, Chicago, IL.

2009:  Muslim Groups opposed to  SEATTLE PD training program  (Cultural attack)

2009:  An IED was detonated outside of Starbucks in New York City, NY.

2009:  Muslims (Mohammed Abdullah WARSAME) From the United States are Waging Jihad in Somalia, Washington, DC.

2009:  Hassan MOHAMUD, Jihad Imam, speaks out against the United States in Minneapolis, MN, US.

2009:  David Daoud WILLIAMS, James Abdul RAHMAN CROMTIE, Onta Hamza WILLIAMS and Laguerre Amin PAYEN arrested and Held without bail for planning to bomb Synagogues in NYC.

2009:  US State Prisons have been deemed to be breeding grounds for Islamic Radicalization.  James Cromitie and Onta Williams were paroles as muslims.

2009:  Hassan Saied KESHARI, sentenced to 17 Months in Prison for proving arms to Iran, Miami, FL.

2009:  Safi Jilani, 19, of Oak Brook faked a hate crime against herself.  (Cultural Attack), IL.   Seeking mental health defense  (TTP)

2009:  Oussama KASSIR Convicted in NYC of Supporting Terrorism.

2009:  Lawmakers make “ISLAM DAY” official.  HI.  (Cultural Attack).

2009:  Wael W. KALASH stabbed a female Ohio State Student and fled to his Mosque for protection.  Sudden Jihad Syndrome, OH.

2009:  Abdulhakim MUHAMMAD attacked soldiers at Recruiting Station in Arkansas.

2009: MOSQUE in Ohio.

Nuradin ABDI: Ohio Shopping Mall terrorist (2007)

Iyman FARIS: Brooklyn Bridge bomber (2008)

Christopher PAUL:  Terrorist (2008)

Abdulhakim MUHAMMAD:  Recruiting Station (2009)

Abdulhakim MUHAMMAD:  OSU Stabbing (2009)

2009:  BATISTE, Patrick ABRAHAM, Rothschild AUGUSTINE and Stanley Grant PHANOR, Found Guilty of Terrorist Acts, FL.

2009:  Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, famed mujihadin attacker of the Arkansas recruiting station was already under investigation by the FBI before he attacked. The investigators also found many more targets and indications that the mujihadin in the United States may be larger then is publicized, duh, really.   (FBI HQ, DC)

2009:  Attorney General directs the United States Marshal Service to set up perimeter protection for Abortion Clinics, but not the United States Army Recruiting Stations even though Intelligence analysts have predicted the attacks by the mujihadin on recruiting stations in the United States.  Washington, DC.

June 2, 2009: President Hussein  makes the statement that The United States of America is one of the largest Muslim Countries in the world.  DC.

2009:  Sayed Haris AHMED, the Georgia Tech mujihadin met with other terrorists to attack the Oil facilities in the United States, says the US Attorney’s office. Atlanta, GA.

2009: David Daoud WILLIAMS, James Abdul RAHMAN CROMTIE, Onta Hamza WILLIAMS and Laguerre Amin PAYEN arrested and Held without bail for planning to bomb Synagogues in NYC.  These mujihadin had more targets and more charges are being filed against them.  NY.

2009:  Links are found that the Arkansas Recruiting station mujihadin, Abdulhakim Muhammad had ties to the Ohio Mosque.  OHIO.

2009:  Wael KALASH, mujihadin, attacked a woman at Ohio State University.  Ohio.

2009:  muslim man shoots Christian Man Ernest McCULLOUGH, in bar over discussion about religion.  San Diego, CA.

2009: Minnesota Teen, mujihadin, was killed in Mogadishu.  Minneapolis, Minnesota.

2009:  Secretary of Homeland Defense hires Kareem SHORA into Homeland Security Advisory Council.  SHORA has ties to jihad. DC.

2009:  Jihad Terrorists are allowed Miranda Rights.  DC.

2009:  Sayed MOUSAVI, was convicted for violating the economic embargo on Iran (Arian Nation).  CA.

2009:  US taxpayers are funding the former prisoners, mujihadin, of GITMO while, they live in Bermuda.  USA.

2009:  An Arab Christian Group has sued the City of Dearbornistan, MI after the Dearbornistan Police, and judges  restrict its First Amendment rights.  Dearbornistan, MI.

2009:  Raed Abduhla Rahman ALSAIF, mujihadin, was arrested for attempting to board an airplane with a large knife.  Tampa, FL.

2009:  President Hussein (AKA: Barry SOETORO bin Lolo SOETORO)  states there are 7 million muslims in the United States this year.  DC.

2009:  SWIFT beef Company accommodating the mulsims in the workplace for religious purposes.  (cultural war) Greely, CO.

2009:  20 Muslims from Minneapolis were indicted on jihad offenses against the United States of America.

2009:  Muslim children, Somalians, throw rocks at US Citizen in Minneapolis, MN.  This incident was caught on video.  They are here June 30th, 2009.

2009:  Muslim Men surround and attack Christians in Dearbornistan, MI at the Arab festival in July, 2009.

2009:  US will give asylum to 1400 palistinian refugees this year. DC.

2009:  WARSAME, mujihadin, convicted of terrorism, Minneapolis, MN.

2009:  Islamic Supremacist Group met in Chicago, Hizb ut-Tahrir, and discussed the Islamization of the United States. IL.

2009: ALIKHAN appointed to DHS.

2009:  Muslim public school in Minneapolis, MN (Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy, Tarek ibn ZIYAD was a mujihadin) linked to the mujihadin who returned from Somalia.

2009:  Bryant Neal VINAS “IBRAHIM” provided information to al Qaeda on the New York Transit System and information linked to US military bases in Afghanistan.  Plead GUILTY.  The attack on the NY subway system was thwarted, the mujihadin attack was supposed to take place in September, 2008.  NYC.

2009:  So far the US government has given $675 million dollars of our tax money to Palestinian authorities this year.

2009:  Ahmed Omar Abu ALI, mujihadin, convicted and Sentenced to LIFE for plotting to Kill President BUSH.   July 27, 2009.

2009:  Muslim school principle, Imad FADLALLAH, fired Christian Gerald MARSAZALEK for converting a muslim child to Christianity.  Dearbornistan, MI.

2009:  The Following mujihadin, Daniel Patrick BOYD (SAIFULLAH), Hysen SHERIFI, Anes SUBASIC, Zakariuya BOYD, Dylan BOYD, Mohammad Omar Aly HASSAN, and Ziyad TAGHI, are all charged with Conspiracy to provide material to Support Terrorism. Raleigh, NC.

2009:   Yassin KADI, mujihadin, was  in investor in p-tech, the company did not tell the US government that they were being supported by a terrorist. MA.

2009:  Julio PINO is under investigation for supporting terrorism.  PINO is a Kent State University Professor, teaching our children.  Ohio.

2009:  Rifqa BARY,  Muslim convert to Christianity is threatened with death by her parents.  Ohio, Florida

2009:  Rifqa BARY writes affidavit indicating the  el-Nur Islamic Center in Columbus, Ohio has ties to Islamic Mujihadin and terrorism.  Ohio.

2009:  Meat Packing Plant in Colorado gives in to the Sharia of Islam.  Greeley, Colorado.

2009: Hammand Riaz SAMANA, mujihadin, jamiyyat ul-islam is shahee, found guilty and for domestic terrorism plots to wage war in the United States.   Santa Ana California.

2009:  John O. BRENNAN, ASSISTANT to President Hussein for Homeland Security and Counter-terrorism calls for appeasing terrorists.  Washington, DC.

2009:  Yehia Ali Ahmed ALOMARI, Mohamed al HURAIBI and Saleh Mohamed Taher SAEED, on trial for supporting Hezbalah.  Rochester, NY.

2009:  Uzair Ali HASHMI, arrested for making false statements to the FBI about a terrorism plot. Chicago, IL.

2009:   Ehsanul Islam SADEQUEE, mujihadin, was found guilty in July, 2009 for conspiring to aid terrorists.  SADEQUEE discussed with Syed Harie AHMED plots to attack oil storage facilities in the US to disrupt the economy.  Georgia.

2009:  Kamal HASSAN, Mujihadin pleads guilty to aiding mujihadin in Somalia.  HASSAN was from Minnesota don’t ya know. Minnesota.

2009:  Kobie Diallo WILLIAMS, mujihadin, taliban supporter, and supporter of terrorism found guilty in Houston, TX.  WILLIAMS co-conspirator, Adnan MIRZA, mujihadin, goes on trial next.  TEXAS.

2009:  Betim KAZIU, mujihadin, arrested for supporting terrorism.  Born in NY.  Charged also with conspiracy to commit murder.  New York.

2009:  Abdul Tawala Ibn Ali ALISHTARI, mujihadin, plead guilty in federal court to supporting terrorism.  ALISHATARI was funneling money to the terrorists camps in Afghanistan.  NEW YORK.

2009:  Najibullah ZAZI, mujihadin, arrested for on terrorism charges, conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction on New York City’s subways and mass transit assets.  New York.

2009:  Michael C. FINTON, mujihadin,  AKA:  Talib Islam, arrested for planning to use weapons of mass destruction, he wanted to blow up the federal building in Springfield, IL.  Talib Islam means: Student of Islam.  IL.

2009:  Hosam Maher Husein SMADI, a 19 Year old Jordanian mujihadin  was arrested trying to destroy by weapon of mass destruction, Dallas’s Fountain Place Skyscraper. Dallas, TX.

2009:  August, 2009: New York City Police step up security measures in subways in anticipation of mujihadin attacks.  New York.

2009:  New York, City Detectives scouring the cities storage areas for bomb making materials.  New York

2009:  Federal Counter-terrorism officials warn local cops to anticipate attacks on stadiums, hotels, and entertainment complexes.  United States.

2009:  New York Counter-terrorism officials warn of multiple teams or cells of mujihadin preparing to attacks in the United States.  SEP, 2009, United States.

2009:  FBI says that Imam Ahmad AFZALI was one of their sources who was a double agent giving information to the Mujihadin about the Counter-terrorism investigation.  New York.

2009:  The United States Government is providing fertilizer to the Afghanistan people and the fertilizer is being used in Road Side Bombs, IED’s.  The fertilizer is mixed with diesel fuel and detonated. Washington, DC.

2009:  Islamic U. S. congressman Representative Keith ELLISON, D-Minn, has been meeting with HAMAS linked Council on American Islamic Relations personnel, even after being told not to do so.  Washington, DC.

2009:  Ahmad Wais AFZALI, and Mohammed Wali ZAZI were arrested for making false statement to the FBI about their terrorist activities.  Mohammed Wali ZAZI was arrested in Colorado.  So we now have a series of attacks in New York, Colorado, Texas, and Illinois during the Same period.  Dots being Connected.  Colorado.

2009:  Another Mujihadin, Troy KASTIGAR, AKA: ABDIRAHMAN, from Minneapolis, Minn, feared dead in Somalia.

2009:  There was an explosion at a the Ihsan School of Excellence, Islamic School, in Syracuse, New York.

2009:  Muslim Brother Hood (HAMAS) paid for a trip to Mecca for Muslim Congressman Keith ELLISON.  Washington, DC.

2009:  Ahamed ALI, Mujihadin, threatened to detonate and said he was not afraid to die.  ALI was arrested.  Washington, DC.

2009:  Omar HAMMAMMI abu MANSOUR al AMERIKI is identified as the Spokesman for al Shabaab, Somalia.  HAMMAMMI was born in Alabama.  The FBI is now concerned that al Shabaab will attack in the United States.   USA.

2009:  In Tulsa, OK, a former muslim is being threatened by muslims in the area with death because he left Islam.  OK.

2009:  Mohammed CHOWDURY, honor murdered his wife in Sterling HEIGHTS, MI.  (CULTURE WARS).

2009:  Faleh Hassan ALMEKI attempts to honor murder his daughter, Noor Feleh ALMELEKI for being too westernized,  AZ.

2009: Rabia SARWAR attempted to honor murder her husband by cutting his throat.  Naseem SARWAR woke up during the throat cutting and stopped all action.  NY.

2009:  Luquman Ameen ABDULLAH, mujihadin, was killed by FBI during a raid on his mosque/arms room/firing range, in Dearbornistan, MI.  ABDULLAH was an imam in his mosque and preached hatred.

2009:  The Breslin Restaurant owners and patrons are being threatened by muslims from the Masjid Ar-rahman mosque across the street, they throw bricks through the restaurant windows and such. New York.  The muslims do not want the patrons to drink in the restaurant.

2009:  Muslims attack American news media outside of mosque in Dearbornistan, Mi.  The American newsmen were threatened by the muslims. Detroit area.

2009:  Patrick NAYYAR and Conrad MULHOLLAND indicted in Manhattan for conspiring to provide material support to a terrorist organization,  NY.

2009:   David HEADLEY and Tahawwur  RANA were arrested in Chicago for plotting to murder the cartoonists of the false prophet mohamad.

2009:  Cultural war against America by not allowing a 9/11/2001 memorial to display the fact that the attackers were muslims.  Kent, Conn.

2009:  Mujihadin, Daniel MALDONADO, Tareq MEHANNA, and Ahmad ABOUSAMRA indicted for planning to kill people in a mall.  Boston, MA.

2009:  B. Hussein Obama (AKA: Barry SOETORO bin Lolo SOETORO)  administration to provide multi-million-dollar technology funding for only muslim nations. DC.

2009:  Ismail ALQAWASMI, mujihadin, arrested in Chicago for making terroristic threats at O’Hare airport.

2009:  Ahmad Wais AFZALI, mujihadin arrested for making false statements to federal agents about other terrorists.  NYC.

2009:  Mohammad AMAWI, Marwan El-HINDI, and Wassim MAZLOUN found guilty of terrorist plots.  Toledo, OH.

2009:  FBI raided a halal slaughterhouse in IL, no arrests were made.

2009:  According to German authorities there is a growing number of european and american muslims attending terrorist training camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

2009:  B. Hussein Obama (AKA: Barry SOETORO bin Lolo SOETORO)  administration to provide more money to the genocidal sudanese regime.

2009:  California government says it is not OK to teach the 10 commandments in school but ok to teach the five pillars of Islam. CA.  (Cultural)

2009:  Abdow ABDOW was arrested for weapons violations and travel to Somalia to join the mujihadin.  Minn.

2009:  There was a mysterious explosion in an islamic school in Syracuse, NY.

2009:  Nidal Malik HASAN, mujihadin,  killed 13, and wounded many more during a successful jihad attack against Americans soldiers and civilians on Fort Hood, TX.

2009:  Nidal Malik HASAN was a member of a Homeland Security Panel that was advising Obama.  DC.

2009:  GITMO, More US interpreters found to be omitting information derived from suspects, these interpreters are spies from Ummat al Islam. US BASE GITMO.

2009:  DHS Director Napolitano states al Qaeda is an insurgency in the United States. Director Napolitano stated that the American based mujihadin is here. DC.

2009:  HERTZ former employees are suing the company because only muslims are allowed to pray during duty hours.  (Cultural war), Atlanta, GA.

2009:  B. Hussein Obama (AKA: Barry SOETORO bin Lolo SOETORO)  administration officials observing that there is a home-grown muslim threat in the United States. Acknowledgement by the US government that there is an insurgency in the United States.

2009:  David HEADLEY, mujihadin, charged with supporting and planning terrorist attacks. Chicago, IL.

2009:  Abdulsalam al-ZAHRANI murdered professor Richard ANTOUN, Binghamton University, NY.

2009:  Ahmed ABDULA, Waqar Hassan KHAN, Eman HASSAN, YASIR, and Rami ZAMZAM, all of US, arrested in Pakistan for being mujihadin. DC.

2009:   Ehsanul SADEQUEE sentenced to 17years for jihad actions in US.  GA.

2009:  Hazam Ali AHMED arrested for weapons charges, the FBI JTTF was surveiling AHMED for two years.  Knoxville, TN.

2009:   Second graders in Indiana public school are singing that Allah is great during rahmadan. Cultural War IN.

2009:  Naveed HAQ, Soldier of Islam, mujihadin, found Guilty of murder in 2006 murder at Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle.  Sudden Jihad Syndrome, Seattle, WA.

2009:  Faleh Hassan ALMALEKI, charged with honor killing,  murder of daughter.  Cultural war, sudden jihad syndrome, AZ.

2009:  Abdul Farouk ABDULMUTALLAB, 23,  al-Qaeda mujihadin, attempts to blow up a flight to Detroit, MI.

2009:  Ahmad Ibraham FARES-HAMMAD, made bomb threats saying it was fun blowing people up.  El Paso, TX.

2009:  Mohamed IBRAHIM, 35, threatened to blow up a gas station in Memphis.  IBRAHIM stated he wanted to start jihad in Memphis, TN.

2010:  Ojore Nuru LUTALO, was arrested on an AMTRAK after making comments about al-Qaeda and not killing anyone yet. LUTALO was discussing security on AMTRAK, etc.

2010:  A grenade Launcher and other weapons were found in a cache in New Jersey Hotel.  Loyd WOODSON had maps of US installations and communities.  The search of WOODSON’s hotel room revealed traditional red and white head-dress of the middle east.

2010:  6000 more Somalis from the refugee resettlement agreement are coming to the United States in 2010.   These refugees are going to be receiving double the amount of payment for coming to the United States, a country in dire economic straits according to the Obama Administration.  The payment to these refugees will be coming from the United States taxpayers.

2010: 36 Americans converted to Islam in Prison are now in Yemen waging Jihad. According the stated Foreign Relations Committee.

2010:  Abdulrahim SULAIMAN was arrested in a New York Elementary School after being found roaming the halls with a knife. NY.

2010:  American Law Enforcement Officials are on the look out for female Suicide Bombers who were Yemeni Trained. DC.

2010:  B. Hussein Obama (AKA: Barry SOETORO bin Lolo SOETORO)  Administration removes visa ban on Tariq RAMADAN who has known ties to mujihadin. DC.

2010:  Adis MEDUNJAMIN arrested trying to crash his vehicle into other vehicles on a NY bridge.

2010:  Adis MEDUNJAMIN and Zarein AHMEDZAY arrested in terror probe, linked to ZAZI.

2010:  Adis MEDUNJANIN, a Queens College Graduate, arrested for supporting Jihad conspiring to murder in a foreign country.  NY.  MEDUNJANIN was related to Jajibullah ZAZI and may be included in his prosecution. NY.

2010: US Indicts 4 in Mumbai, Denmark Jihad plots:  Ilyas KASHMIRI, Abdul Rehman Hashim SYED, and Tahawwur RANA and Deavid HEADLY were the four indicted. DC.

2010: B. Hussein Obama (AKA: Barry SOETORO bin Lolo SOETORO)  Administration states the Fort Hood jihad was an act of terrorism. DC.

2010:  HAQ, soldier of Islam, mujihadin, received life sentence for murder at the Jewish Federation shooting.  Seattle, WA.

2010:  New York’s Museum of Art will not show images of mohamed because it offends muslims.  Cultural war on the  west once again.  NY.

2010: Mansor Mohammad ASAD, arrested in Florida for shouting he was going to kill Jews while on an aircraft.  ASAD stated he was Palestinian and wanted to kill Jews.  FL.

2010:  Dearbornistan students attending the Edsel Ford High School made sweatshirts commemorating and glorifying the September 11, 2001 attacks on the world trade center.  The students apologized publicly for their anti-American, murderous sentiments. Dearbornistan, MI.

2010: The United States State Department has been encouraging immigration from mujihadin and terrorist torn Yemen.  DC.

2010:  The director of the Tarek Ibn ZAYED public school in Minnesota told a non-muslim worker that he could kill her, this is based on Sharia.  (Culture War against the United States).

2010:  DC Police enforce Sharia Law by ejecting a woman from a mosque.  Washington DC.

2010:  CAIR Board member, Nabil SADOUN, deported for jihad terror ties.

2010:  Mansor ASAD, man who was on a plane from Florida to Detroit, MI denying he said he wanted to kill jews while on the plane.  Mansor ASAD was arrested.

2010:  B. Hussein Obama  (AKA: Barry SOETORO bin Lolo SOETORO)   administration sends Envoy, Rashad Hussain,  to OIC  (organization of islamic conference).  This is for islamic nations.  Why would the US send an envoy to this conference?

2010:  Khaled T. SAFADI, Ulises TALAVERA, and Emilio GONZALEZ-NEIRA, were arrested for selling play-stations to raise money for Hizballah.  Miami, FL.

2010:  Th islamic society of north america, un-indicted co-conspirator in a scheme to raise money for HAMAS facilitated a meeting witht  President Obama’s  top advisor on counter-terrorism, Mr. John BRENNAN.

2010:  Five muslim soldiers arrested at Fort Jackson for attempting to poison other soldiers food, SC.

2010:  Kimberly Suzanne al-HOMSI and Yasinul Alan ANSARI arrested with bombs, brandishing a firearm, and  attacking Police in Fort Worth, TX.

2010:  Prison Chaplain (muslim) Zulqarnain Abdu-SHAHID arrested for smuggling weapons into prison, NY.

2010:  Abdulrahim SULAIMAN, arrested for carrying weapons into public school, NY.

2010:  Mohammed Wali ZAZI arrested for terrorism, and destruction of evidence.  Denver, CO.

2010:  Ibrahim Khlil ZAROU was arrested for saying he as a mujihadin and threatening people on a cruise ship with a bomb, VA.

2010:  Norman LABOON, shi’ite muslim, arrested for threatening the life of a VA congressman.

2010:  Muslim Students call for the removal of the words “Year of our LORD” from diplomas at Trinity University,  TX  (Cultural war).

2010:  Raja Lahrasib KHAN was arrested for supporting Terrorism, by supporting al-qaeda with funds.  This mujihadin also discussed the attack of a sports stadium in the United States, Chicago, IL.

2010:  Minneapolis adopts sharia friendly loan program.

2010:  Two American Muslim Women arrested in Europe on attempted murder charges of Mohamed cartoons. Jihad Jane, PA.

2010:  Husam ZAKHARIA, mujihadin, assaults Jewish student at Pro-Israeli meeting.  CA.

2010: Sabirhan Tareq HASANOFF, mujihadin, arrested for terrorism, NY.  Charged with conspiring to provide material support to al-qaeda.  HASANOFF’s co-conspirator was Wesam El-HANAFI.

2010:  Sharia, islamic law, prohibited in Louisiana and in Oklahoma.

2010: Syed HASHMI, mujihadin, pleaded guilty to supporting terrorism, NY.

2010:  Zarein AHMEDZAY pleaded guilty in court to weapons charges, he wanted to attack the NY subway.  NY.

2010:   Abdul Tawala Ign ali ALISHTARI, mujihadin, received a ten year sentence for supporting terrorism. NY.

2010:  Abdullah Muhammad MUSLIM, mujihadin, was arrested on weapons charges, and bomb making equipment.  OH.

2010:  FBI Director warns against more al-qaeda attacks in April, 2010.  DC.

2010:  Keshia LARRY, honor killed family, Chicago, IL.

2010:  Mohammed al-MEDADI, Yemeni diplomat, mujihadin, caused terror on flight, then deported. NY.

2010:  90 madrassas in the United States.

2010:  Jihad Jamie, co-conspirator with Jihad Jane, arrested.  CO.

2010: Barrack Hussein Obama(AKA:  Barry SOETORO) administration ends extra screening of passengers from 13 muslim countries.

2010:  Muslim Student at the University of Wisconsin Was arrested for assaulting Jewish Students,  WI.

2010:  Car bomb found in Times square near Comedy Central  (South Park threats),  Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for the bomb, NY.

2010:  Muslim Mujihadin Younus Abdullah MUHAMMAD, (Revolutionmuslim.com) warns that there will be more bombings across New York.

2010:  Pakistani Taliban Leader, Hakimullah MEHSUD is vowing to attack Major United States Cities.

2010:  Shahzas FAISAL, Pakistani Taliban Mujihadin, arrested in connection with Time Square bomb.  Mujihadin FAISAL confessed and provided actionable intelligence to the United States of America Police, NY.

2010:  Ohio Woman Kidnapped by her muslim family for marrying a Christian Man, Youngstown, OH and Hermitage, PA.

2010:   More arrests in NY and Maine in connection with the NYC Times Square Bomber, Actionable Intelligence provided by mujihadin FAISAL.

2010: Mujihadin, Sabirhan HASANOFF on trial for terrorism in New York City, NY.

2010: Khalid OUAZZANI, mujihadin, Missouri, admitted he gave $23,500.00 to al-Qaeda, KC, MO.

2010:  Mohammed El-GAMEL, Mujihadin, charged with supporting terrorism, with equipment.  NC.

2010:  Border Patrol continues to find evidence of Mujihadin entering the country through open borders, GA.

2010:  Hosam SMADI, Mujihadin, pleads guilty, gets 30 years for Dallas Texas attempt to destroy sky scraper.  TX.

2010:  Adnon MIRZA, Mujihadin, found guilty of providing support to terrorists, TX.

2010:  DHS reports al-shaabab attempting to enter US through the Mexican/US border, DC.

2010:  Money man for FAISAL, NYC time square bomber,  ordered deproted.  KHAN, Mujihadin.  Boston, MA.

2010:  Mujihadin Hamid MALEKPOUR arrested for dealing arms in McMinnville, Oregon.

2010:  Hor I. And Amera A. AKL arrested for supporting Terrorism, Toledo, OH.

2010:  Barry Walter BUJOL arrested for supporting Terrorism,  had ID cards with access to port authorities.  Was in contact with al AWALAKI, yemeni-amerikan muslim holy man, TX.

2010:  Mohamad Mahmoud ALESSA and Carlos Eduardo ALMONTE arrested for joining al-qaeda and al-shabaab, NY.

2010: Syed HASHMI plead Guilty for supporting terrorism, NY.

2010:  17 Afghan Military Men AWOL from TX air base, have access badges, TX.

2010:  Tarek  MEHANNA and Ahmad ABOUSAMRA charged with aiding al-qaeda, Boston, MA.

2010:  Council on American Islamic Relations is liked to HAMS and un-indicted co-conspirator with the holy land foundation.

2010:  Mubarek HAMED plead guilty to tax evasion and conspiracy to commit for sending 1million dollars to Iraq violating US sanctions, the money came from fund raising (islamic charity), MO.

2010:  CIA puts American born mujihadin on terrorist list since he declared war against the United States.  Anwar al-AWLAKI has declared war against the US on behalf of al-Qaeda, even though Osama bin LADEN already declared war against the United States in 1996 and 1998.  DC.

NOTE:  al-AWLIKI is an american in an al-qaeda leadership position.  Other Americans in leadership positions include Omar HAMMAMI, Samir KHAN, and Adam DADAHN.  It is truly amazing that we have Americans in leadership positions and yet the idea of an insurgency in the United States is not even an issue.

2010: Ottis RYAN entered a pre school with a knife wanting to kill the children in the name of allah.  FLA.

2010:  Imam Ahmad AFZALI deported to Saudi Arabia for supporting Jihad and planning Jihad attacks in the United States, NY.

2010:  Three Dearbornistan area Mosques to hold mourning services for Hizballah cleric Sayyed Mohammad HUSSEIN-FADLALLAH.  MI.

2010:  Khaleel AHMED and Zubair AHMED, mujihadin, both of Chicago, plead guilty to supporting Jihad. Toledo, OH.

2010:  Mohammad Shafiq RAHMAN, mujihadin, arrested in Maine for New York time Square Bombing.

2010:  Paul ROCKWOOD and Nadia ROCKWOOD were charged with supporting Jihad.  They had a list of persons to be killed; Persons who had insulted Islam.  Paul ROCKWOOD was a follower of Anwar al-AWLAKI.  They plead GUILTY. Alaska.

2010:  FBI reports 34 U.S. Citizens and residents have been charged with ties to jihad in past 18 months.  Also that has been an increase in islamic incidents in the U. S. Imagine that.  DC.

2010:  Russell DEFREITAS and Abdul KADIR found guilty of plotting to bomb NYC Airport, they were arrested in June of 2007.

2010:  President Hussain OBAMA (AKA: Barry SOETORO bin Lolo SOETORO)  sends Envoy to Islamic World Conference (OIC), Rashid HUSSAIN is the Envoy.

2010:  Shakri MASRI, mujihadin, was arrested in Chicago by FBI for planning with Al-Shaabab of Samalia.

2010:  Omar Shafik HAMMAMI, Jehad Serwan MOSTAFA and 12 others arrested for planning with Al-Shaabab CA, TX, etc.

2010:  Congress discusses and blocks military aid to Lebanon due to Hezballah infiltration of military. Lebanon minister of defense states that his country does not want money if it can not be used to attack Israel.   DC.

2010:    The United States State Department Excludes the Taliban as a Terrorist Organization DC.

2010:  Man wearing Burka robs a bank in Silver Spring Maryland.  MD.

2010:  Michigan High School Football team celebrates ramadan by practicing from 11pm to 4am.  Dearbornistan Michigan.

2010:  Paul ROCKWOOD and Nadia ROCKWOOD mujihadin were operational on a hit list with United States Military targets. Of course, they were both arrested by the FBI.  Alaska.

2010:  Vijay KUMAR, mujihadin, arrested in Houston Airport for supporting terrorism.  Houston, TX.

2010:  Mujihadin groups threaten to bomb Gainesville Church for burning their allah beelzebub book, the Quran.

2010:  PFC Nasar ABDO, mujihadin, assigned to the 101st Airborne Division stated he would not fight other muslims. PFC ABDO is an infiltrator, traitor, and should be executed as such.  Ft. Campbell, KY.

2010:  EURABIA update, mujihadin in Switzerland say that whoever kills a Police Officer will go to their paradise (Hell).   This is the behavior that is coming to the United States.

2010:  President B. HUSSEIN O. (AKA: Barry SOETORO bin Lolo SOETORO)  spending $6,000,000.00 on mosque repair around the world, money the United States does not have.  Add that to the $945,000,000.00 President B. HUSSEIN O. (AKA: Barry SOETORO bin Lolo SOETORO)  has given $6M to the palestinians to buy rockets to attack Israel.

2010:  FBI reports that hate crimes against mohamadans is rare. DC.

2010: FBI to protect mosques even after the FBI states there are rare reports of hate crimes against mohamadans, Nashville, Tennessee.  This is insane.

2010:  Ayatullah DURRANI, Pakistan Minister of State for Industries Wants President B. Hussien O. To declare himself Caliph of all muslims (Amire Ul Momineen), DC.

2010: Christians in FL did not burn Quran; However, Attacks by Mujihadin still continue in the United States.

2010:  CYBER-Jihad Group attacks the US with “Here You Have” worm.  United States.  The attacks continue.

2010:  Muslim Robbers in NYC rob Jewish Yeshiva Students at gunpoint.  NYC.  The robbers stated they were muslims and robbing Jewish kids because they have money.

2010:  East Lansing Police officer Detective Sherief FADLEY is offering $10,000.00 Reward for information leading to the arrest of a person burning a Quran in East Lansing, MI.  What US law was violated?  Is Det FADLEY enforcing sharia.

2010:  Sami Samir HASSON arrested for planting a bomb near Wrigley Field, Chicago, IL.

2010:   Mujihadin, Juvenile, explodes chemical bomb in a mosque parking lot.  Imams say it was just a little muslim boy experimenting with chemical weapons.  Portland, ME.

2010:  Kimberly al HAMSI, mujihadin sentenced to 10 years in prison for pipe bombs, TX.

2010:  Yasinul ANSARI, mujihadin, sentenced to three years for pipe bombs, TX.

2010:  Jury Acquits four Christians arrested at Dearbornistan muslim festival. Dearbornistan, MI.

2010:  Federal Agents, Counter-Terrorist Agents, searching trucks on I-20 in GA.

2010: Sharif MOBELY, Mujihadin, joined al Qaeda in Yemen, he is an American from NJ, who worked in a NUKE plant.

2010:  Faisal SHAHZAD, mujihadin, Times Square bomber, sentenced, to life.  SHAHZAD said it is only the beginning.  Listen to his man.  NYC.

2010:  Cambridge, Massachusetts public schools recognizes sharia and muslim holiday.  MA.

2010:  Al Qaeda, Yemen, orders mujihadin in America to open fire on crowded restaurants in DC, Christmas time frame.   US Government workers are targeted. DC.

2010:  Al Qaeda, Yemen, orders mujihadin in America to ram crowds with cars.  Put spikes on cars and carry firearms,  USA.

2010:  US Intelligence Officials indicated Pakistani, Talliban, mujahidin has entered the US on another bombing operation, DC.

2010:  David WILLIAMS, Onta WILLIAMS, and Laguerre PAYEN, mujihadin, found guilty of plotting to bomb Riverdale synagogues, NY.

2010:  Projscovia Kampire NZABANITA, Charged with 18 USC 1001, Lying to federal agents, about mujihadin husband. NY.

2010: Zachary Adam CHESSER, mujihadin, found guilty of supporting Somali Islamist militant Group, al shaabaab, NY, his wife was arrested see above.

2010:  Farooq AHMED, Mujihadin, arrested for plotting to bomb DC subways, DC.

2010:  B. Hussein O.  (AKA: Barry SOETORO bin Lolo SOETORO)  States that packages from Yemen contained explosive material, in planes from Yemen to US

2010:  Abdel Hameed SHEHADEH, mujihadin, arrested for 18 USC 1001, for lying during a mujihadin investigation, HI.

2010: Obama Administration advises more mail bombs coming to the United States from Ummat al Islam. Rashad HUSSAIN is the B. HUSSAIN O. (AKA: Barry SOETORO bin Lolo SOETORO)  Administration Envoy to Ummat al Islam.   R. HUSSAIN stated that the anti-Islamic sentiment that is growing at a rapid pace in the United States (due to the truth of Islam becoming known) is the reason for the attacks, yet the mujihadin declared war on the United States in 1996, this does not make sense, this R. HUSSAIN must not understand the intelligence indicators or is not listening to the indicators just like the Director of National Intelligence did not know the mujihadin had been arrested in the UK. R. HUSSAIN does not understand Ummat al Islam or he is practicing takyia.

2010:  US intelligence intercepted dry run to the Chicago Yemen Bomb Plot in September 2010.  DC.

2010:  Oklahoma voters ban Sharia Law in Oklahoma State.  OK.

2010:  Al Qaeda warns that all Christian Groups and their activities are legitimate targets for the mujihadin any-where including the United States.  Dubai.

Analyst Note:  After this Fatwa was ordered, Attacks against Christian Christmas Celebrations in Iraq, Egypt, North Africa, and the United States Occurred.

2010:  Mohamed Mohamed MOHAMUD, mujihadin, Imam, Mosque spiritual leader, arrested for aiding Jihad in Somalia.  Co-defendants include Issa DOREH and Basaaly Saeed MOALIN, mujihadin, both mujihadin, San Diego, CA.

2010:   Al-awlaki, mujihadin, Islamic cleric, Islamic spiritual advisor, much like osama ben laden, and al-zarkowi, and al zawaheri, has declared war against the United States and calls for killing of Americans.  Remember all muslims follow the clerics of Ummat al islam, tis what muslims do.

2010:   Kampire NZABANITA, mujihadin, plead guilty to making a false statement, she was lying for her husband, Zachary CHESSER, mujihadin, who plead guilty to supporting jihad.  NZABANITA, was supporting her husband’s jihad.

2010:  Mulsim sex ring in Minneapolis busted, with 12 year old slave girls.  The Quran advocates sex with slave girls. Surah 4:25.  Slaves and sex with slave girls is totally accepted by the Ummat al Islam, even in the United States.

2010: Obama  Administration provides $150 million to Palestinians.

2010:  Chicago Police observed jihadi training camp in one of the city parks.  Refer back to:

2008:  Undercover (U/C) New York City Police Officer attends New York Mosque and undergoes mujihadin training in parks in the dead of night, training on how to murder.  The U/C spent time with muslims sharing fundamental muslim doctrine on murdering westerners.  The U/C watched mujihadin videos with the mujihadin and witnessed the muslims practicing fundamental doctrinal politicoreligious rituals, because jihad is an obligation for all muslims

2010:  Nima Ali YUSUF, mujihadin, arrested for supporting al shabaab, of Somalia.  Sandiego, CA.

2010:  Pete SEDA, AKA: Pirouz SEDAGHATY, mujihadin, arrested and found guilty of supporting jihad. Grant Pass, Oregon.

2010:  Federal Judge Jorge SOLIS found ample evidence to link CAIR with HAMAS. DC.

2010:  Abdel Hameed SHEHADEH, mujihadin, arrested for supporting jihad.  SHEHADEH was going to join the army to get to Afghanistan to join up with the Taliban. NY.

2010:  CAIR is fighting for muslim women to pat themselves down in airport security. The director of HMS is considering this request.

2010:  Mohammad ALKARAMLA, mujihadin, arrested and found guilty of attempting to bomb a synagogue. Chicago, you know where they have the jihadi training camps in the city parks.

2010:  The US charity Falah-e-Insaniyat Foundation has been linked to al-qaeda. DC.

2010:   Mohamed Osman MOHAMUD, mujihadin, arrested for attempting to blow up Christians at a Christmas tree lighting ceremony.  Portland, OR.

2010:  Emad Hatem ABDULLAH of Little Rock, AR, mujihadin, was arrested in VA for possessing IEDs.  Smyth County, VA.


2010:  Mohammed Wali ZAZI, mujihadin, charged with obstruction of Justice in Colorado.  Father of the NYC bomber, he was also charged with conspiracy.  CO.

2010:  Terror in MA University as note is found in cafeteria.  The mujihadin are successful in spreading terror just by a note on a napkin in the United States.  Westfield State University, Westfield, MASS.

2010:  Waheed Islam arrested for purchasing body armor, he wrote that it is war out there, so he must be prepared. Connecticut, USA.  The muslims know we are in Dar al Harb, they are at war with the United States only the United States does not know it yet.

2010:  Antonio Martiniez, AKA: mohamad HUSSAIN,   Mujihadin, US Citizen, Convert to Islam, attempted to detonate an IED at a recruiting station.  MD.

2010:  Awais YOUNIS, mujihadin, arrested for making bomb threats. YOUNISZ threatened to set bombs off around our great capital, Washington, DC.

2010:  Mohammed Reza TAHERI-AZAR,  Mujihadin, Ismail Yassin MOHAMAD, and Mohammad TESHALE, were running folks over with their vehicles, as ordered.  DC.

2010:  Al qaeda planned to poisen multiple buffets and salad bars across the US over a single weekend. It was branded Operation Hemorrhage.  DC.

2010: Sue MYRICK states US Homegrown Terrorists are a Global Threat. DC

2010:  Kathie SMITH, Mujihadin, under investigation for connections to Jihad.  Indianapolis, IN.

2011:  FBI investigating a voice mail delivered to a Fargo North Dakota Synagogue.  The voice mail referenced a special package and jihad.

2011:  CAIR posts posters that tell mohamadans not to talk to the FBI and build a wall of resistance against the FBI.

2011:  A Michigan Court Upholds Sharia Law on Hawala financing, AIG is a Sharia compliant company.

2011:  Mujihadin attack Hillsboro Beach City websites.  FL

2011:  B. HUSSEIN Obama’s (AKA: Barry SOETORO bin Lolo SOETORO) Adviser Dailia MOGAHED states the west should respect sharia and that the west is the reason muslims have anger towards the west.  DC.

2011:  Mukhtar ABDULKADIR, Mujihadin, and Minneapolis Police Officer followed Sharia Law and beat his wife with his pistol, he also put a pillow over his wife’s head.   ABDULKADIR said his wife hit herself with the gun.  MN.

2011:  Jihad Jane pleading guilty to murder charges.

2011: DHS Director NAPALITANO warns Americans that the Jihad threat against the United States is at its highest.

2011:  Daniel Patrick BOYD, mujihadin, pleads guilty to supporting terrorism.  NC.

2011:  US Treasury Departments finds a Lebanese Canadian Bank has ties to Hisballah.

2011:  Dearborn bomber, Roger Stockham, mujihadin, admitted to being a Mujuhadin. MI.

2011:  US Customs official states a Weapon of Mass Destruction was found entering the United States. DC.

2011:  Maroun SAADE, Walid NASR, Crneille DATO, Martin Raouf BOURAIMA, Francis Sourou AHISSOU, Oded ORBACH (US CITIZEN), Alwar POURYAN (US CITIZEN) arrested for narco terrorism drugs for guns.  New York.

2011:  Sam Hassan DALY, Mujihadin, followed orders to use his vehicle to plow into Americans.  San Diego, CA.

(2010:  Al Qaeda, Yemen, orders mujihadin in America to ram crowds with cars.  Put spikes on cars and carry firearms,  USA.

Other mujihadin drivers:  Mohammed Reza TAHERI-AZAR, Munir MUTHANA, Omeed Aziz POPAL, Ismail Yassin MOHAMED, Muhammad TESHALE)

2011: Russell M DEFREITAS AND Abdul KADIR, Abdul NUR, mujihadin,  found guilty planning to blow up JFK, NY.

2011:  Khalid Ali-Mohamed ALDAWSRI, mujihadin, arrested for attempting to use a WMD to kill President G.W. BUSH.

2011:  The United Sates State Department provided $770m on middle east mosques.  Yikes could you imagine how much police protection that could support in the United States.  Add this to the $1b given to the Palestinians by the the  B. HUSSEIN O. (AKA B. SOETORO) administration.

2011:  CHOUDARY says that if B. HUSSIEN O. AKA: B. SOETORO, must embrace Islam or be prosecuted when muslims take over the United States.

2011:  Mohamed DIALLO and Kwamell SMITH, mujihadin, arrested on weapons charges, and impersonating FBI agents, Rochester, NY.

2011:  Mohamed Mahmood ALESSA and Carlos Eduardo ALMONTE plead guilty to joining al Qaeda. New Jersey.

2011:  Mohamad AZAM, mujihadin, runs over two in his cab, he was arrested, NY.

2010:  Al Qaeda, Yemen, orders mujihadin in America to ram crowds with cars.  Put spikes on cars and carry firearms,  USA.

Other mujihadin drivers:  Hassan DALY, Mohammed Reza TAHERI-AZAR, Munir MUTHANA, Omeed Aziz POPAL, Ismail Yassin MOHA:MED, Muhammad TESHALE)

2011: Nadeem AKHTAR, mujihadin, arrested for conspiring to sell nuclear information to Pakistan, DC.

2011:  More than 12 states moving to ban sharia law. OK, LA, TN, TX, AK, AZ, AR, GA, IN, MS, SC, SD,UT, WY, MO.

2011:  Florida allows sharia law.

2011:  Khalid Ali M ALDAWSARI, mujihadin, plead guilty to attacks, Lubbock, TEXAS.

2011:  Three mujihadin cause flight diversion to Chicago Airport.  The Plane was destined for Portland, Oregon.

2011:  Three mujihadin attempt to infiltrate Camp Pendleton, USMC causing a security alert.  CA.

2011:  Farooque AHMED, mujihadin pleads guilty to federal charges to blow up metro stations in DC.

2011:  Aftab ALI (AKA: Aftab KHAN) found guilty and will be deported, supporter by money in the Times Square South Park bombing attempt.  MA.

2011: Los Angeles Deputy Police Chief DOWNING warns of Mumbai style attack in LA.

2011:  Mujihadin are threatening US lawmakers.  Sen. Greg BALL has been targeted by the mujihadin, this is an act of war perpetrated by umat al islam, but Americans do not listen or acknowledge the act of war. REP KING as well, NY.

2011:  Abdulhakim MUHAMMAD, AR mujihadin has confessed to killing another in a jihad operation in the United States.  AR.  Mujahidin are conducting acts of war in the United States, they freely admit to it and Americans do not listen.  There is an active mujahidin insurgency being conducted in the United states of America.  AR.  Mujahidin assassination operations are being conducted in the United States of America.

2011:  Mujahidin, Said BIYARD, commits honor killing of family, in the United States of America.  KY.  This mujahidin did not assimilate to the ways of the west.  KY.

2011:   Ahmed Muhammed DHAKANE, mujihadin sentenced to 23 years in prison for lying to feds about ties to jihad.  TX.

2011:  Pennsylvania court uses sharia law to divide up inheritance to children.  Sons get more then daughters IAW sharia law.  PA.

2011: US attorney and B. Husein O. (AKA: Barry SOETORO bin Lolo SOETORO) administration challenged Missouri anti-Sharia Law. DC.

Analyst NOTE:  Americans are fighting the muslims, and the B. Husein O. administration is fighting the Americans.  Americans do not want sharia but The B. Husein O. (AKA: Barry SOETORO bin Lolo SOETORO) wants sharia.  Why? This does not make sense.  Our government is fighting the people.

2011:  The US Government issues warnings of Islamic attacks following Usama Bin Laden’s assassination by The United Navy Seals.  Seals 1; Osama 0.  The attacks, according to the Government will occur were ever past attacks have occurred.  This of course includes the United States.  There have been numerous attacks in the United States.

2011:  Rahim ALFETLAWI, mujihadin, honor killed his 20 year old daughter, she was apostating from islam, Warren, MI.

2011:  Hezbalah setting up base camps in US/Mexican Border.  They have been in South America for years.

2011:  Waheed Islam, Mujihadin, guilty of purchasing body armor in the United states.

2011:  Rageit ALMURISI, mujihadin, committed terroistic act on airplane landing in San Francisco, CA.  The man was arrested.

Mohamad MAMDOUH and Ahmed SERHANI, mujihadin, plan to attack synagogue in New York.  They had already purchased weapons.  Both were arrested.

2011:  Joseph Jeffrey BRICE, mujihadin, prepared a jihad web site and used it to send out bomb making instructions for other mujihadin.  Arrested, in Washington  State.

2011:  Hafiz Muhammed Sher Ali KHAN, Irfan KHAN and Izhar KHAN indicted for supporting the Taliban.

2011:  Abdulrahman Khalid ALTHUWAYB, made bomb threat at Rhode Island  Williams University, Bristol, RI.  The man was arrested.

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