UK: Muslim children are being groomed to join jihad, warns aunt of girl who fled to Syria

Here in the US, Muslim parents and relatives who warned of this very thing at Rep. Peter King’s hearings on radicalization were vilified, demonized, and smeared by Hamas-CAIR, Muslim Brotherhood media mouthpieces, and Muslim Brotherhood congressman Hakim Muhammad (Keith Ellison). Above is a CAIR poster and advisory for Muslims not to talk and/or cooperate with…

Scores of British Muslim Women Waging Jihad in Syria

They join the thousands of British Muslim men who make up 25% of the Islamic State’s foreign jihadist army. But Obama and Hamas-CAIR say this has nothing to do with Islam. That’s like saying Christianity has nothing to do with Christ. Read more: Westerners flock to Mideast to wage jihad “Report: 60 British women now…

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