VIDEO: Islamization and sharia in Austria’s Public Schools

Listen to what these teachers describe. There is no respect for education or secular classes. Teachers are abused and attacked. The sharia is above all, the only important system to respected. The parents of these Muslim students share the same views. Mind you these whistle-blowers are from the left, the Social Democrat party. The SPÖ has ties to the Austrian Trade Union Federation and the Austrian Chamber of Labour.


SHARIA PATROLS VIENNA: Brutal Muslim migrant gang that broke girl’s jaw accused of REGULAR ‘Sharia patrol’ attacks

Twice besieged by Muhammadan armies, Vienna has recently endured sharia patrols. Some irony that the victim of one beating is a Polish schoolgirl – without the intervention of Polish King, Jan Sobieski and his army, the city would have probably fallen to the Jihad army of Kara Mustafa Pasha. Rome would have been next.

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