French court to decide whether to ban the name “JIHAD”

A French court will decide if “Jihad” is an acceptable name. Muslim parents in Toulouse, where an Islamic attack on a Jewish day school occurred, seek to name their child Jihad. If the French court can see its way clear to banning the name Jihad, why did they allow in millions of Muslims who support, fund and/or wage jihad?

France: Muslima mother and sister of Jewish Day school jihadist mass murderer arrested

The two people arrested are the mother and sister of the devout Muslim who slaughtered the Jewish children and their Rabbi at a Jewish Day school in France, and was heralded as a hero in the Muslim community. Demonstrations in support of his jihad massacre were held in France.

All of the Muslims who marched in support of this jihad killer of Jewish children should be arrested and locked away from humanity.

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