The End of May

Go already. Good riddance to bad rubbish. May has proved to be the most inept Prime Minister and the worst leader of the Conservative party the UK has have ever had


‘Open revolt’: Theresa May to face Brexiteer coup ‘within days’

This should have come long ago. May actually opposed Brexit; then, when David Cameron resigned after the Brexit vote, May became Prime Minister promising to implement it. Instead, she has sabotaged Brexit every step of the way, and anyone could have foreseen that she was going to do so. May needs to go, but what comes after her will likely be even worse.


More jihad —> More sharia: Theresa May says the internet must now be “regulated” following London Bridge terror attack

The left has already proved to be too fearful of Islam to take real action against jihadis. Let me assure you, these measures will be used to silence my colleagues and me. Free exchange of ideas is not the problem. Islamic texts and teachings that exhort to jihad is the problem.

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