Pamela Geller, WND Column: “We dodged a New Year’s Eve bullet”

Don’t miss my column this week at WND. Share it. DEFENDING THE WEST We dodged a New Year’s Eve bullet Exclusive: Pamela Geller lists jihad terrorist plots to commit mass murder We escaped a bullet on New Year’s Eve. Many bullets, in fact. Thankfully, freedom-loving people were spared a massive jihad attack on New Year’s…


Geller: I’m Getting Death Threats Daily — and the FBI Is Warning About… Me

Even Orwell is spinning in his grave — If Orwell were alive today, he would be demonized, marginalized and ridiculed. Geller: I’m Getting Death Threats Daily — and the FBI Is Warning About… Me By Pamela Geller, Breitbart News, August 19, 2015 The website Public Intelligence reported that “an intelligence bulletin issued by the FBI’s…

Florida Muslim Sami Osmakac’s American Dream: Blowing up the Bridges crossing Tampa Bay, Bombing sheriff’s office and police departments

“My dream was always here. It’s better for, to get it, for them to get it here … ‘cause that’s why America loves to go to war with people, ‘cause they think nobody can attack them in their country. That’s why they’re so shocked about the Muslims. Because they brought it here … ”

VIDEO: AFDI Censorship Lawsuit Against Seattle Transit Refusal to Run Anti-Terrorism Bus Advertisement

Seattle Transit refused to run the FBI’s Global Terrorism ad, so AFDI submitted it, and was refused. Of all the free speech legal battles I am embroiled in, this one is the most absurd. And the most fun, because it is so ridiculous on its face, but it illustrates the crippling submission and capitulation of government authorities to Islamic supremacist demands.

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