Five Muslim Teens Arrested in Massive Jihad Plot in Australia, Including Targeting Police Officers: Here’s What We Know

What we know: Anzac Day, Melbourne police officers were targets. Anzac Day is one of Australia’s most important national commemorative occasions. It marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War. Five teens arrested in raids in Narre Warren, Hallam, Hampton Park —…

Newly Released Docs: Al Qaeda Tied to Jihad plot to blow up New York to Toronto Train over the Niagara

These are the very same counter terrorism programs that Muslim Brotherhood groups like Hamas-CAIR are working furiously to end here in the States.
Once again the evidence gives the lie to the bogus narrative about Islamic terror. These Muslims were highly educated, well off. The idea that the behind jihad is poverty or ignorance is patently false. The motive is the cause of Islam.

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