Australia: “There has been too much promotion of so called moderate voices of Islam who usually turn out be apologists for terrorism”

A Bangladeshi-born psychiatrist says the ABC plays a role in radicalising young Muslim teenagers by over emphasising how they are victims of discrimination.

Tanveer Ahmed, a cultural Muslim who moved to Australia when he was six, says the national broadcaster’s obsession with perceived Islamophobia was often counterproductive.


‘CUT OFF THEIR HEADS’: Muslim who murdered Muslim for ‘disrespecting Islam’ calls for beheadings in YouTube video FROM BEHIND BARS

British authorities are so cowed and frightened of Muslims, and so afraid of being called “racists,” that they let this killer make a series of videos from prison. This exemplifies the dire straits Britain is in today, and why these could be its last days as a free nation. “‘CUT OFF THEIR HEADS’ Islamic extremist…


Muslim cabdriver “LAUGHED AND LAUGHED” as he STABBED SHOPKEEPER TO DEATH for ‘disrespecting the prophet Muhammed’: ‘THERE IS ONLY ONE PROPHET!’

At the time of this Islamic attack, no one in the mainstream media would utter jihad or Islam as possible motive — just as these running dogs for Islam always do. They scrub, whitewash the motive. But Atlas readers knew. Of course, when the evidence is collected and the motive is clear, the media pack…

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