Breitbart News: “Facebook Deletes Pamela Geller’s ‘Stop Islamization Of America’ Page After Orlando Attack”

Facebook gestapo: Facebook Deletes Pamela Geller’s ‘Stop Islamization Of America’ Page After Orlando Attack,” by Allum Bohhari, Breitbart, June 12, 2016: Facebook has deleted “Stop Islamization Of America,” a group with over 50,000 members in the wake of deadly Islamic terror attack in Orlando, Florida. The page was run by Pamela Geller, the well-known Islam…


HUGE Free Speech Victory for SIOA: Federal Circuit Court Reverses 70-Year “Unconstitutional” Ban

Longtime Atlas readers are quite familiar with our First Amendment trademark case. We have been fighting to trademark SIOA (Stop Islamization of America) but were repeatedly refused because it considered “disparaging” to Muslims. It was, in effect, an application of sharia law (‘do not criticize Islam.’) Today we had a big victory against this fascist-style…


“Disparaging Trademarks and Free Speech”

The rules have led the agency to reject applications for the name of a rooster-shaped lollipop for having a “vulgar meaning” and “Stop the Islamisation of America” by activist Pamela Geller because it may disparage religious practitioners. Anyone who says anything perceived to be “offensive” to protected classes is fair game now. Washington Redskins, Disparaging…


“STOP THE ISLAMISATION OF AMERICA” Trademark Battle Heads to Supreme Court

In a case with far-reaching implications, our brilliant and singular legal team, the AFLC, filed a writ of petition with the United States Supreme Court concerning the denial of our trademark. Frankly, it is long overdue that the SCOTUS weigh in on the US government’s enforcement of sharia in America. The denial of our trademark…

Wall Street Journal on SIOA Trademark Ruling: “Pamela Geller has stirred controversy across the globe….”

WSJ: A three-judge panel ruled that her group “Stop Islamization of America” isn’t eligible for a federal trademark because it said the name suggests an association between “peaceful political Islamization” and terrorism that many Muslims would find offensive. What exactly is peaceful political Islamization, and where has that been a good thing? The court is…

SIOA Trademark Ruling “Unconstitutional”

The USPTO rejected AFDI’s trademark application based on the following analysis: (1) “Islamisation” means converting to Islam or “to make Islamic;” and (2), “Stop” would be understood to mean that “action must be taken to cease, or put an end to, converting or making people in America conform to Islam.” Thus, the trademark, according to…

Senior Counsel David Yerushalmi’s Oral Argument in AFLC’s “Stop Islamization of America” Trademark Litigation

“Listen to Senior Counsel David Yerushalmi’s Oral Argument in AFLC’s ‘Stop Islamization of America’ Trademark Litigation,” AFLC

AFLC Senior Counsel David Yerushalmi presented oral argument on March 4, 2014, in federal court in Washington, D.C., requesting that the court overturn the United States Patent & Trademark Office’s (USPTO) denial of the trademark application for “Stop Islamization of America” and “SIOA.”

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