‘All [non-Muslim] girls are good for is sex. They’re just sluts’: Eight members of ‘openly racist’ violent Muslim sex gang raped and ‘sexually degraded’ three teen girls in Rotherham

I have reported on thousands of Muslim sex gangs (scroll down) degrading, raping, trafficking in young non-Muslim girls. And nothing changes, it is still happening on “an industrial scale.” And law enforcement turns a blind eye for fear of being accused of islamophobia. The UK’s Rape Jihad: A Survivor’s Tale – Breitbart Upwards of a…


Pamela Geller EXCLUSIVE: The UK’s Rape Jihad: A Survivor’s Tale

Another in an endless line of horror stories hit the UK media today about yet another Muslim child sex trafficking gang. Thousands of young girls raped, trafficked, tortured with nowhere to turn. Members of a “horrifying” child sex ring abused two schoolgirls, taking advantage of their vulnerability on a “massive scale”, a court has heard….

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