Breitbart: “Pamela Geller: ‘Mainstream Media is Enforcing Sharia'”

I was on Breitbart Radio last night with Steve Bannon discussing the bloody jihad raging in France. Robert Wilde of Breitbart has explored more of what we discussed here: “Pamela Geller: ‘Mainstream Media is Enforcing Sharia,’” by Robert Wilde, Breitbart January 12, 2015 Activist against radical Islam Pamela Geller told Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen…

A Tale of Two News Stories: “Notorious Flamethrower” vs “Disgruntled Employee” — Who is more dangerous? @NYDailyNews

Who, in your considered opinion, is more threatening?  A “disgruntled employee” or a “notorious flame-thrower,” a “controversial firebrand blogger” who is behind an ” incendiary ad campaign“? “Geller is a known hater“…”disgusted by Pamela Geller’s”…“right-wing blogger Pamela Geller and her fiercely anti-Islamic group.” The NY Daily News, one of America’s largest selling newspapers, refers to…

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