Glasgow, Scotland school makes non-Muslim students attend mosque for indoctrination and pray

Watch this video posted a few months ago, showing Scottish children going on a “class trip” to a mosque and being force-fed Islamic propaganda and inculcation. This is the same kind of indoctrination and dawah (proselytizing) that we see being introduced into American school curriculum(s) across this country. I don’t understand where these children’s parents…

Honor killing in Scotland: Muslim burns ex-wife to death for being “too Westernised,” twin daughters: “We had an hour to say goodbye. She was so badly burned we were told we couldn’t look at her face.”

Horrific: CCTV footage from the attack shows the killer running from his ex-wife’s salon covered in flames Over 90% of honor killings worldwide are Islamic, but we are not allowed to discuss such things lest we be made to wear the scarlet letter “I” (Islamophobe). Honor killings receive lenient sentences (and sometimes none at all)…

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