Muslim ‘Refugee’ Serial SEX ATTACKER – REPEATEDLY RAPES, Douses Woman with Lighter Fluid, NO DEPORTATION

This Muslim “refugee” made her walk on all fours like a dog, repeatedly raped and terrorized this young woman, and after he was through, doused her with lighter fluid, saying, “You can receive SEK 10,000 if you follow me home and I get to f*ck you all day.”  Sweden’s sex slave stipend. The 34-year-old Muslim…


Pamela Geller, WND Column: Muslim ‘refugee’ invasion of Europe, EU to Relocate 120,000

Today’s refugee, tomorrow’s jihadist. The European Union will this week announce plans to redistribute 120,000 migrants who have arrived in Greece, Italy and Hungary, as the bloc moves to address the biggest Muslim “refugee crisis since World War II.” The more they accept, the more will come. Read my weekly column at WND: DEFENDING THE…

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