Florida Senate Passes Textbook Review Legislation to Stop Islamic Propaganda to our Children

This is a very good first step to purge our public schools of Islamic proselytizing and historical revisionism. Check your children and your grandchildren’s textbooks. Find like-minded parents. Pushback. “Florida Senate Passes Textbook Review Legislation,” By Creeping Sharia …to stop the stealth Islamic proselytizing of your children. Aya Sewell, Sarasota Citizen Activist Protests NER: Last Friday…

Muslim Group Pushes for Taxpayer-Funded Halal Food in NYC Public Schools

The relentless push to islamicize the public square, and in this case the public school, escalates in New York City. Fresh on the heels of Muslim school holidays comes this demand for halal food in the New York City public schools.

According to these well-coached children, the vegetarian option is not sufficient, because “we don’t get the protein that we need.” These kids look hardly undernourished, and frankly, if protein is your thing, then why not bring hard-boiled eggs to school, or beef jerky?

Because it’s not about the food, it’s about Islamic supremacism.

Pamela Geller, WND Column: Islam in the Public School

Not long after I published my recent article, “The Islamization of America in 2013,” I received this extraordinary letter from a parent, detailing just how far the Islamization of at least some of our public schools has advanced: ” I live in a very, very conservative area of my state. While my state is very liberal these days, there are little pockets of red. My daughter attends a brand new charter school in a highly rated conservative school district….”


Islamic Supremacism in Action: Hamas-CAIR meets Public School officials demanding more Islamic prayer accommodation

They are relentless. Whatever your sentiments — this. is. wrong. And it’s a violation of the establishment clause. Where is the separation of mosque and state? In Muslim countries, mosque is state. But this is America. CAIR-MI meets Dearborn Public School officials regarding  prayer accommodations Arab American News, April, 04 2013, DEARBORN — The Council…

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