Sharia: London Mayor To Set Up Police ‘Online Hate Crime Hub’ In ‘Partnership’ With Social Media Firms

It didn’t take him long now, did it? Mind you, as soon as Khan took office, he banned bikini-clad models in advertisements on bus and subway platforms. Any American social media firm that cooperates is an enemy of freedom, a running dog for sharia. Today, I reported on the conviction of UK imam Anjem Choudary…


“Blood Everywhere”: Middle Eastern Terrorist Opens Fire on Police, One Dead in Sydney, Australia

After Friday prayers (takbir!), a “man of Middle Eastern appearance,” black flowing shirt and black trousers targeted police in a deadly attack in West Sydney. There had been increased jihad “chatter” detected in the past week relating to a possible attack on the Parramatta headquarters. Australia has thwarted a number of Islamic attacks targeting police….


UK Police Officers “Stand Together” With Islamic Extremists

This photo is the illustrative of the crushing surrender and failure of the West to stand against savagery and supremacism. Dhimmitude and delusion. They ban defenders of freedom like myself and Robert Spencer but they officially  stand with Qadeer Baksh, the chairman of Luton Islamic Centre. Baksh has declared that in an “ideal” Islamic state,…


Pamela Geller Exclusive, WND: Texas police double as Mahmoudberg’s militia

The Texas compound is called “Mahmoudberg,” located in south Texas’ Brazoria County on County Road 3 near the town of Sweeny, which has a population of about 4,000. Jamaat ul-Fuqra was the jihad terrorist organization that murdered journalist Daniel Pearl – he had gone to try to interview its leader. According to an informed source, one of Pearl’s murderers now lives at Mahmoudberg.

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