Iranian Police Arrest 29 Women for Appearing in Public Without a Hijab While Western Feminists Impose World Hijab Day #StrongInHijab #Metoo

Under the hashtag #StrongInHijab, Islamic supremacists and their willing gophers on the left — middle-class Western feminists — instituted “World Hijab Day” yesterday. In one of the most pathetic and destructive displays of virtue signalling, non-Muslim women were urged to wear the garment of oppression, subjugation and misogyny.


How about World Hijab Day for Muslim Women Who Are Forced to Wear Hijab?

In the ongoing Islamic imperialism project in the West, today is World Hijab Day. Non-Muslim women around the world are expected to wear the hijab in solidarity with Muslim women. No one is stopping Muslim women from wearing hijab. Nobody cares. If you want to wear purple hair, nose rings, face tattoos or cloth coffins – no one cares. But there are Muslim girls in the West and in the world who don’t want to wear hijab and they are beaten, tortured and killed.

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