Pamela Geller in Breitbart, Jerusalem: “UK Chief Rabbi Says Teach Islam in Jewish Schools”

Share this, get the word out. If you are Jewish, post it to your synagogue bulletin boards and websites. Enough already. Jewish lay leadership must stand against this century’s nazism. “Geller: UK Chief Rabbi Says Teach Islam in Jewish Schools,” By Pamela Geller, Breitbart Jerusalem, December 18, 2015 British Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis recommended Wednesday…


VIDEO Australia: Anti-Jew BDS Nazis thrown out of University lecture room

It’s this century’s Nazi movement, only on a worldwide scale. Same tactics, same viciousness, same lies, same thuggery — The Germans employed the same tactics. Preceding Kristallnacht, the Nazis held several days calling for Germans to boycott Jewish-owned businesses. This was the direct antecedent to the BDS movement. This is no different.

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