After Reports of Kids Being MOLESTED at Texas Migrant Facility, Pelosi Says ‘WE’RE ON A GOOD PATH’ at Border

Pelosi is being honest. From the standpoint of the Party of Treason, we are on a good path at the border: migrants are streaming in, and the Democrats are counting on their voting Democratic. From the perspective of someone who loves this country, the border is a disaster. From the perspective of the annihilationists who…


Beware, Democrats. Impeaching Trump will backfire

The deranged Democrat Party will pay a heavy price in 2020 for going radical. #Trump2020! Beware, Democrats. Impeaching Trump will backfire Related: Republicans rake in $15 million of donations over Trump impeachment threat The Guardian, September 25, 2019: The anguish that preceded the Democratic party’s momentous decision to initiate impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump is not…

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