Watch VIDEO: Bill O’Reilly’s “Fighting Words” Against AFDI Ads

The right gets it wrong. Our ads quote high-profile Muslims and Muslim organizations calling for jihad, genocide, gender apartheid, creed apartheid, etc. Shutting down free speech won’t stop these savages, it will embolden them.   The “killing Jews is worship to Allah” ad is a direct quote from a Hamas broadcast on “Palestinian” television. Hamas…

Pamela Geller Asks Federal Court to Demand NYC to Run This Ad!

Here’s the latest in our ongoing battle with NYC’s MTA, which rejected one of our ads for fear that it might “incite” Muslims to kill Jews. They sound, well, islamophobic, don’t ya think? Freedom of speech is the first casualty in the age of jihad. Here’s the latest from our fearless legal team, the AFLC….

The Jewish Week: “Pamela Geller-led Group Sues MTA Over ‘Killing Jews’ Ad”

Just for knowing our “moderate” ad goes up on 100 San Francisco buses next week. Our lawsuit was filed in NYC last week and we are about to file a lawsuit against San Francisco transit for refusing our Hitler/Mufti al Husseini ad. “Pamela Geller-led Group Sues MTA Over ‘Killing Jews’ Ad”, The Jewish Week, 10/08/14,…

MEDIA ADVISORY AFDI PRESS CONFERENCE: Pamela Geller is suing the MTA . . . again

At 12:00 noon, on Wednesday, October 1, 2014, my lawyers from the American Freedom Law Center (AFLC) and I will be filing a federal civil rights lawsuit against the New York MTA for refusing to run a political ad on MTA buses that contained a quote from Hamas TV, stating, “Killing Jews is worship that…

New York Times: AFDI To Sue After MTA Rejects Ad That Refers to Muslims Killing Jews

One of our ads was rejected last month by the New York MTA. I had submitted five, and one was refused. I replaced the rejected ad with two others — the “yesterday’s moderate is today’s headline” and “Hamas is ISIS.” We have six ads running on buses and urban panels. “They’re wrong,” Ms. Geller said….


Photos: #MyJihad Buses RRRRRRRRRolling

Beautiful! Buy a bus! Contribute to AmericanFreedomDefense@aol.com You would think that with the media orgy over the bizarre Hamas-CAIR #MyJihad camapaign ads (an hour special on the BBC, WaPo, NY Times, ABC, NBC, CBS and international press) that a real jihad campaign might garner some attention. Not. so. much. as. a column. inch. The enemedia’s…

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