Watch VIDEO: Terror-tied Muslim group MSA Enforces Sharia at UCLA

During the Jan. 16-18 weekend, the Muslim Student Association (MSA) West brought over 1,000 Muslim students from West coast campuses to UCLA for a 3-day conference. On Saturday (1-17-15), a non-Muslim visitor filmed 100s of them praying outdoors, blasting “Allahu Akbar” from loudspeakers. Two MSA West security guards threatened to call cops if he didn’t…

Australia: Jailed jihadis continue terror activities while incarcerated, Jail cancels Muslim prayer meetings as prisoners explode in violence

“Despite being given the strictest level of inmate classification, the AA classification introduced in 2008 especially for terrorists, convicts including Mohammed Elomar, Mazen Touma and Faheem Lodhi are free to communicate with the outside world through ­letters, phone calls and visits.” And they continue to wage jihad from prison, right under the noses of the…

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