EXCLUSIVE: Allah in the Public School Classroom — Public School Parents Frantic As Allah and Muhammad Replace Secular Studies

In my book Stop the Islamization of America, I describe and warn of the islamization of the curriculum and the school room. The book was a primer on how to fight the encroaching Islamic supremacism and sharia. The past few days, I have published news stories here and here of parent protest to Islamic dawah…


Florida Senate Passes Textbook Review Legislation to Stop Islamic Propaganda to our Children

This is a very good first step to purge our public schools of Islamic proselytizing and historical revisionism. Check your children and your grandchildren’s textbooks. Find like-minded parents. Pushback. “Florida Senate Passes Textbook Review Legislation,” By Creeping Sharia …to stop the stealth Islamic proselytizing of your children. Aya Sewell, Sarasota Citizen Activist Protests NER: Last Friday…

Pamela Geller, Breitbart Column: ‘One Nation Under Allah’: The Islamization of American Public Schools

Check out my piece at Breitbart — it has gone viral. “‘One Nation Under Allah’: The Islamization of American Public Schools,” Breitbart, April 29, 2014 Endless concessions and accommodations to Islamic demands only give way to more demands for even more Islam, as shown in the recent blockbuster revelations of an Islamic takeover of UK…

Colorado High School Students Say Pledge In Arabic: ‘One Nation Under Allah’

The school recites the Pledge of Allegiance weekly, on Mondays. Last Monday,  the student body recited the pledge in Arabic replacing “under God” with “under Allah.” Parents should demand that principal Tom Lopez of Rocky Mountain High school invite a speaker to inform the children just what the implications are of “nation under Allah”. If…


Non-Muslim Michigan High School students wear hijabs in school for class lesson to “explore religion and identity”

A group of AP language students at Brighton High School spent a full school day wearing hijabs, the headdress worn by Muslim women in many parts of the world. AP students, our brightest ….. more dawah, more proselytizing in our public schools. We never see this done with Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, etc., but we see it with this ideology.

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