“9/11 cost us $3.3 trillion, over 10,000 dead, a national loss of privacy and traumas inflicted on millions. What could any number of moderate Muslims possibly contribute to outweigh all that?”

The sums up the absurd and irrational leftist argument about Islam brilliantly. Every elected official and leftist lapdog in the media ought to to be required to memorize it. But they won’t even read it. “Only Islam Can Save Us From Islam,” by Daniel Greenfield, May 22, 2016: In the Washington Post, Petraeus complained about…


Minnesota mosques, Muslim orgs complain about anti-terror program

Muslim agitation, attrition, the litigation jihad accompanies all counter-terror programs in these United States. We are constantly being told, scolded, admonished and clubbed with the now well-worn meme that “only a tiny minority,” “a radical few” Muslims engage in jihad. And yet we never see Muslim organizations supporting, encouraging cooperation and applauding any counter-terror efforts….

Pamela Geller, WND Column: Lie of ‘moderate’ Muslims and Islamic jihad

Contribute to getting the truth out before the jihad hits the fan. DEFENDING THE WEST Lie of ‘moderate’ Muslims and Islamic jihad Exclusive: Pamela Geller reveals uselessness of distinction in combating terrorism Why is it that “moderates” never protest against the Islamic terrorism they supposedly reject and oppose? Why are there never any mass Muslim…

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