Muslim Leader Threatens to Tear The Eyes Out of Rights Activist for Wanting a Fair Trial for a Convert out of Islam

It’s worse than that. Lawyers have been unwilling to defend the man charged with apostasy, making it impossible for him to get a fair trial, a U.N. human rights spokesman said. If the UN is saying this, you know it’s monstrous. Mauritania is viciously Islamic.  20% of their black population are enslaved by Muslims.  Sharia…

Mauritania: Thousands of Muslims Riot, Battle Police Over Qur’an Desecration

We have never seen Muslims react with this kind of ferocity, or any kind of serious opposition at all, to jihad violence, despite claims that the terrorists are not true Muslims and have “hijacked” Islam. If the vast majority of Muslims really rejected jihad terrorism, we wouldn’t see riots, but we would see massive peaceful demos, and other manifestations of their opposition.

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