Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg meets Never Trumper “Conservatives,” while decimating pro-Trump, anti-jihad sites like Geller Report

Potemkin meetings.

None of these “conservatives” have been targeted by Facebook. On the contrary, these Never Trumpers have been richly rewarded. But the optics are ‘Zuckerberg works with conservatives’ when in fact, his company is decimating them


Facebook Removed 2.5 MILLION Pieces of ‘Hate Speech’ in Just Three Months

Absent from the report is a precise number of how many accounts and pages have been banned or suspended from the platform over “hate speech,” and how many have been mistakenly suspended and then restored. Facebook often mistakenly suspends the accounts of prominent conservatives only to restore them later — the most recent example being Islam critic Pamela Geller.


Sharia Enforcement: Muhammad Cartoon Contest Winner Bosch Fawstin Removed from Facebook

It is somehow ironic that the younger generation that was raised on leftist propaganda in academia and in the culture is so eager to utterly relinquish our freedoms without so much as a fight. The hippies and bippies and free love gave us totalitarianism and subjugation. Free love. It made whores of women, broke our…

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