Eat. Pray. Jihad. Malaysians fighting for Islamic State say it’s “1,400 years old: The Prophet Muhammad demands it.”

“Ahmad Salman Abdul Rahim chose to leave his job at a Malaysian construction company to fight alongside jihadists in Syria for a reason he says is 1,400 years old: The Prophet Muhammad demands it.” Obviously, nothing to do with Islam. Hundreds (perhaps thousands)  of Muslims from Southeast Asia have going to fight for the Islamic…

Malaysian Passenger Plane Shot Down With 295 On Board, Hit with Ground-to-Air Missile, Passengers, Crew Believed to Be Dead

Fresh on the heels of the missing Malaysian jetliner ….. Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak launching an ‘immediate investigation’ into reported jetliner crash: apne.ws/WeSzrc If it’s anything like the first …… This is  MH17  plane photographed this afternoon during take off from Schiphol airport Amsterdam by @fred_19851 Malaysian Plane ‘Shot Down With 295 On Board’,…

Malaysia Airlines captain ‘chief suspect’ in plane’s disappearance: authorities

All the evidence in the missing Malaysian plane’s disappearance points to the Captain of the flight, Zaharie Ahmad Shah. Investigators retrieved  bombshell evidence from Shah’s deleted files, finally recovered from his in-home flight simulator. Investigators discovered that Capt. Zaharie Ahmad Shah had programmed a flight simulator at home to practice a flight far out at…


Flight MH370: Terrorism expert backs theory of pilot suicide flight

“A New Zealand criminologist has come out in support of a theory that the captain of the missing Malaysia Airlines aircraft was on a suicide mission.” But they’re spinning it as due to the pilot’s troubled personal life. Yet lots of pilots have troubled personal lives; that doesn’t lead them to down their airliners.

Malaysia Government Says No Survivors: Flight 370 ‘Ended’ in Indian Ocean

While this may very well be true, not one piece of the plane has been retrieved. No evidence, real tangible evidence of a crash has been confirmed.

The want the families to go home. They’ve had enough of their “drama.” They think it’s making them look bad. But they are doing that all on their own.

The plane may have very well crashed into the Indian Ocean. But what was it doing there, thousands of miles off course?

New York Times, attempting to exonerate Malaysian pilot, lies about Robert Spencer

13 years after 9/11, the New York Times is still working furiously to destroy those of us who are working in the cause of freedom and equality. It’s astonishing. How many countries have to fall to the tyranny of Islamic supremacism? How many religious minorities have to suffer unfathomable horrors under sharia rule? How many hundreds of thousands of bodies have to pile up in Africa, the Middle East, Russia, China, North America and Europe for the New York Times to re-evaluate its pro-sharia, pro-jihad activism?

Boeing Source: Missing Plane in Pakistan

A LIGNET analyst received information from a source at Boeing that the company believes the plane did land in Pakistan . . . Israel is taking the possibility of a terrorist attack seriously by mobilizing air defenses and scrutinizing approaching civilian aircraft, according to the Times of Israel.

Was missing flight MH370 jet part of 9/11 style terror plot?

A British man convicted of plotting an Al-Qaeda plane bombing told a New York court yesterday about a separate 2001 plan for a Malaysian pilot to blast his way into a jet’s cockpit.

Saajid Badat, who was sentenced in 2005 to 13 years in jail as a co-conspirator in a notorious December 2001 plot to bomb US airliners, has testified about the Malaysian plan before.

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