Islamic supremacist Linda Sarsour says of “Islamophobes”: “Their job is to vilify Islam and Muslims”

Actually, Muslims do a damn fine job of that themselves. They need no help from their victims. I debated this vicious Muslim supremacist on CNN: Islamic supremacist Linda Sarsour says of “Islamophobes”: “Their job is to vilify Islam and Muslims” (thanks to Jihadwatch), January 23, 2015 Here is an example of how Leftists and Islamic…

NYC: Muslim Leaders Condemn AFDI Ads But Not the Jihadists, Beheaders, Ethnic Cleansers …

Notorious antisemite Linda Sarsour is holding a press conference right now to condemn our ad campaign designed to increase awareness of the nature and magnitude of the jihad threat, and put an end to the denial and willful ignorance about that threat, so that we adopt of effective counter-terror measures based on that realistic appraisal….

Justice Department to prohibit agents from considering religion in counterterror investigations

The further dismantling of terror programs. The further disarming of law enforcement and intel and security agencies. The prohibition on criticism of Islam in the ongoing war is de facto sharia compliance and enforcement. The Justice Department will significantly expand its definition of racial profiling to prohibit federal agents from considering religion, national origin, gender and sexual orientation in their investigations, a government official said Wednesday.


NYPD Designates Mosques as Terrorism Organizations

The NYPD went where the FBI feared to tread. This is already causing a panic, and Islamic supremacist groups are sure to file lawsuits to get it stopped. But how was the NYPD wrong? There have been numerous jihad plots by Muslims in New York: the Times Square car bomb, Zazi the Nazi and his…

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