Watch: Israel activists attacked at London anti-Israel demo

I am long familiar with the hatred and violence of the second Holocaust movement, popularly known as the “Palestinian” solidarity movement. Having attended scores of vicious, violent and blatantly antisemitic anti-Israel protests, these goosesteppers resemble the thugs of Adolf Hitler’s SS and SA. In this video, pro-Israel peace activists merely tried to hand out flyers…


Dennis Prager: “Why Pamela Geller may be the most hated person in America right now”

I briefly explain (with the able arguments of philosopher Ayn Rand) the left’s hatred of the good for being the good. Dennis Prager does a whole column on it: “Why Pamela Geller is Hated.” ON FREE SPEECH “Why Pamela Geller is hated,” By Dennis Prager, Dennis Prager has 3 reasons woman is currently ‘the left’s…

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