Our Oil Money Goes to Saudi Arabia to Fund Jihad Terrorism In Europe

The candid truth about the admitted prosperity that the Albanians experienced under the Serbian rule (before the Clinton Administration interference in 1998-1999) is emerging even from the old enemy of Serbia, the New York Times newspaper!


No “terror link” as “armed jihadis” with Qurans are arrested in Kosovo

So these bearded Muslim men with “Islamist books” and Kalashnikovs were just taking an evening stroll in front of the monastery? Note how the fascistic Kosovo Albanian authorities immediately deny the suspects’ links to terrorism, and instead attack the abbot of the monastery. This is the barbaric jihad-supporting fascist dysfunctional state which was created with…


Kosovo Muslim who gave the Islamic State the ‘kill list’ of U.S. troops arrested in Malaysia

Ardit Ferizi, a Kosovo citizen arrested in Malaysia, was working with other Kosovo jihadis to hack and pass the personal information of the US soldiers to the Islamic State “soldiers of the khilafah, who soon with the permission of Allah will strike at your necks in your own lands!” Ferizi is the leader of a…


Kosovo cuts Pristina water supply over Islamic State plot to poison reservoir, 5 Muslims arrested

Obama’s JV team moves on Europe, in Kosovo, no less. America’s war in Bosnia set events in motion that led to the creation of an entity that is becoming an active jihad base in Europe — Kosovo. Yahoo News: Five people suspected of planning a “terrorist attack” aimed at contaminating the water supply in the…


Report Finds Alarming Outflow Of Kosovo Muslims To Islamic State

More of the fatal fallout of Bill Clinton’s war on the Christian Serbs on behalf of the “tolerant” Muslims. Slaughtering Christians and saving the jihadists for ….. the Islamic State. Here’s the latest from Kosovo’s “moderate” Muslims: “Report Finds Alarming Outflow Of Kosovars To Islamic State,” Radio Free Europe, April 15, 2015 Ethnic Albanian Kosovar…

Kosovo: 40 Muslims arrested for waging jihad in Iraq and Syria; mosques used for recruiting; explosive devices, weapons and ammunition seized

Every day it becomes terribly clear how vicious it was of President Clinton to send US troops to fight alongside Albanian Muslims and defeat the Christian Serbs in the cause of Islam. Not only are Muslims from Kosovo going to Iraq and Syria to wage jihad. They are also waging jihad against non-Muslims in Kosovo….

Muslims Unlawfully Seize Church Lands in Kosovo and Metohija

More of the vicious consequences of American interventionism on behalf of the Bosnian Muslims against the Christian Serbs. According to a report of the brethren of the Serbian Monastery of Sts Cosmas and Damian in Zociste, a local Albanian individual has recently seized a parcel of land, belonging to the monastery. The brethren have discovered that one of local Albanians unlawfully ploughed up and farmed the piece of land, situated not far from the monastery, reports the Kosovo Diary portal.

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