The Most Disgusting Jewish Newspaper on the Planet Rushes to Defend the Most Disgusting Jew on the Planet

The notoriously anti-Israel Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, is shocked, shocked to “report” that I called Jon Stewart “the most disgusting Jew on the planet.” The newspaper, which has been giving Israel’s enemies the longest BJ the jihadis have ever got, uses the notorious AP BJ photo of me. lol It seems I have insulted a deity….


Huffington Post: “Jon Stewart Labeled ‘Most Disgusting Jew On The Planet’ By Pamela Geller, US Activist Banned From Entering UK”

My commentary on Jon Stewart’s attacks on Netanyahu and Israel continues to cause heads to explode on the left. It’s as if I attacked a deity. It’s like sharia for lefties — do not criticize or insult Jon! The Huffington Post UK (of all places) has manned their battle stations in defense of Stewart. Stewart…


Raw Story’s Raw Sewage

kenmartin@fastwave.biz sent you a comment: Go fuck yourself, you rotten, slimy bigoted bitch! Heads are exploding on the left because of my column this week at WND. The column “The Poo Generation” is causing a sh*tstorm, literally, over at Raw Story. Their headline is very telling. The left calls those who oppose jihad “Muslim haters.” Now…

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