Manchester jihadi & Didsbury mosque: Salman Abedi was “devout Muslim” “learned the Qur’an by heart” “would do the five and call the adhan” Didsbury mosque

A devout Muslim who prayed every day. ”Salman and his brother Ismail worshipped at Didsbury mosque, where their father, who is known as Abu Ismail within the community, is a well-known figure. “He used to do the five and call the adhan. He has an absolutely beautiful voice. And his boys learned the Qur’an by heart. Here is another devout Muslim “misunderstanding” Islam in the exact same way as millions of other Muslims. How did this misunderstanding of Islam become so widespread?

Former Private Schoolboy is the Latest British Muslim to Die Fighting for the Islamic State

Another moderate bites the proverbial dust. From moderate to jihadist just like that. Mehdi Hassan (along with friends Mamunur Roshid, Ifthekar Jaman, Muhammad Hamidur Rahman, Assad Uzzaman) pretended to go on holiday to Turkey, but actually went into Syria to fight for the Islamic State. The idea that is rammed down our throats by Islamic…

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