Former Clinton Advisor Urges New Israel Fund Donors To Stop Hurting Israel

The UJA remains silent about the fact that Alisa Doctoroff, the President of UJA-Federation, is a NIF donor. Doctoroff is actively working against the Jewish State. Why is she still there? Donors must withdraw their support until these perfidious Jews are purged. The bi-partisan campaign against The New Israel Fund continued today, with an op-ed…


Deafening Silence as @UJAfedNY President Doctoroff and JCRC Donate/Endorse BDS

Jews in key leadership positions in American Jewish institutions are funding and supporting the most vicious Jew-hatred campaigns; BDS (Boycott, Divest Sanction — 21st century Kristallnacht) is one of them. 21st century kapos, but worse. These silver spoon dilettantes don’t have a gun to their heads; it’s voluntary, and they mean to take us all…


J’accuse @UJAfedNY President Alisa Doctoroff, Karen R. Adler, JCRC et al

Shame On Alisa Doctoroff, Karen R. Adler, the JCRC and more. There has been a lot of commentary about the actions of a controversial tax-exempt group named, innocently enough, The New Israel Fund. The New Israel Fund’s work runs counter to seeing a strong, vibrant, and democratic Jewish nation state.  They are simply anti-Israel. Let…

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