Public High School Assignment: ‘Pretend You Are Muslim’ And Consider ‘Struggles You Face’

Bring the two symbols of Islam, kiddies, the sword and the Qur’an. How about this public high school assignment: ‘Pretend You Are Christian’ and consider ‘Struggles You Face under Islam’. When are the public schools going to stop proselytizing for Islam? Wouldn’t a more educational assignment be  “pretend you are” a  victim of “sharia law…


Florida: Another public school forcing kids to learn/recite Islamic prayer, make Islamic prayer rugs

Once again, under the guise of “World History,” children across the country are being proselytized and recruited to Islam. Children being forced to say the shahada is a form of abuse and a violation of their religious rights. Further, reciting the shahada is required to convert to Islam. The public schools are indoctrinating our children…

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