Warning: Ramadan Starts Tomorrow

In light of the dramatic increase in jihad attacks in the West, readers should be aware that Ramadan starts tomorrow. Ramadan is the month of jihad.

Every year the month of Ramadan brings unimaginable terror and carnage. I expect this year will be far worse with the advent of the hijrah into the West. So dear readers, be aware and stay vigilant and be careful.


Obama: “Since this summer, ISIL has not had a single successful major offensive operation”

“President Barack Obama says that ‘since this summer, ISIL has not had a single successful major offensive operation on the ground in either Syria or Iraq.’” Right. They’ve been too busy in Paris and San Bernardino. “Obama: ‘ISIL Has Not Had A Single Successful Major Offensive Operation’ Since Summer [VIDEO],” by Steve Guest, Daily Caller,…


After Jordanian Pilot, Islamic State (ISIS) Burns Three Iraqis Alive

The Islamic State keeps behaving with more and more savagery, and Obama is worried about…the Crusades. “After Jordanian Pilot, ISIS Burns Three Iraqis Alive,” by Mugdha Variyar, International Business Times, February 7, 2015 (thanks to Razvan): After the shocking execution of Jordanian pilot Muath al-Kaseasbeh, who was burned alive by the Islamic State, the terror…

VIDEO: ‘Dragged by hair and sold for $24 at markets’ – Western Muslim converts buying girls as young as 12 for sex slavery

Has the West now become inured to these unspeakable war crimes? I have been reporting on slave markets, sex slavery for months. It nary raises an eyebrow. “My mother started screaming and begging for mercy as the Daesh [Isis] fighters told my sister and me to join the group of younger women specially selected. “But…

Guardian: Foreign jihadists flocking to Iraq and Syria on ‘unprecedented scale’ – UN

Imagine: the uber-leftist, Israel-hating, pro-jihad Guardian is reporting this, and it is written by Spencer Ackerman (!) no less — the hard-Left propagandist whose “exposes”  of U.S. government training materials led to Obama’s wholesale purge of any true information about jihad and Islamic supremacism from those materials. And the report cited is from the UN…


FULL TEXT Obama at the UN: Islam is Peace *to the sounds of Herve’s head being hacked off in the cause of Islam*

As jihadists hack the head of a French tourist off in Algeria, Obama proselytized for Islam at the UN while doing some Jew bashing as well. The evil clown set about to scrub the motive behind this global upheaval and the bloody war on the non-believers of Islam. Obama assured the Islamic terrorists that, “the…

The Structure of the Islamic State (ISIS)

Anyone that thinks this is some errant group of wild-eyed Muslims, think again. My colleagues and I warned for years of this threat. We were derided, called conspiracy theorists and right wing nuts. There is conspiracy theory and conspiracy fact. The global jihad is conspiracy fact. The Structure of the Islamic State (ISIS) Col. (ret.)…

Obama’s “Most Trusted Ally” Turkey Denies U.S. Permission for Combat Attacks on the Islamic State

When asked who Obama’s favorite and most trusted ally was, Obama named Prime Minister Erdogan, the same jihadist who said, “the mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the Muslim faithful our soldiers….” Not only has Obama made the world a much more dangerous place; he has made America…

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