Muslim Mob Attacks Police Trying to Arrest Terrorists – 1 Dead

India has been fighting jihad for centuries. If you recall, Muslims demanded an Islamic State in India. Their unending violence led to the the partition of India and Pakistan. It was proclaimed that “the future constitution of Pakistan would not be modeled entirely on a European pattern, but on the ideology and democratic faith of Islam.” And yet despite being given their own country they still they wage holy war in India.


Jihadis hack to death noted American writer, scientist and thinker Avijit Roy, wife injured

It’s not just France and Denmark and Europe, it’s anywhere Muslims live and practice sharia. This savage war is on freedom of thought, freedom of expression, freedom of and from religion, and freedom of speech. In other words, imposing Islamic law by any means possible. These are dark days, my friends, and growing ever darker….

Al-Qaeda in India Launches English-Language Magazine Encouraging Muslims in Every Corner of the Globe to target the arch-enemy of Islam and Muslims, the United States:” “America’s Defeat Is Only The Prelude’ ‘This War Is Still In Infancy’

Obama say, “al Qaeda is on the run!” as he turns over Afghanistan to the Taliban, Libya to the jihadists, Egypt to the Muslim Brotherhood, Syria to the Islamic State, Iraq to the Islamic State, Gaza to Hamas …. Obama say, “the United States is not and never will be at war with Islam. Islam…

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