Muslim father “honor rapes” daughter’s boyfriend

…the girl’s father was waiting with a gun. The 22 year old was tied up, had his clothes removed, doused in gasoline while being threatened to be burned to dead. The father also pointed the gun several times to the 22 year old’s head and pulled the trigger in a faked execution. The father also raped the young man several times.


Muslim migrant melts off wife’s face with boiling oil in cause of Islamic honor

“Scarred forever to restore her husband’s honor.” Islam in Germany. The wonder of “multiculturalism in the West.” Where are the feminists? Probably at a “Welcome Refugees” demo. “Muslim migrant melts off wife’s face with boiling oil,” WND, March 10, 2016 (thanks to Claude): ‘I wanted to show her that I am not weak!’ When Homa,…

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