Immoral Self-hating Jewish Newspaper Haaretz Mocks Jews Who Support Pro-Israel President Trump

Haaretz should be ashamed. In a vicious piece, the antisemitic newspaper names me first among “high-profile Jews who still support Trump” — an “Axis of Arrogance — followed by righteous Jews such as Benjamin Netanyahu, Stephen Mnuchin (Secretary of the Treasury), Stephen Miller (U.S. President Donald Trump’s senior advisor for policy), Caroline Glick, “The Jews of Breitbart News,” Avigdor Lieberman ….


Anti-Zionist Newspaper Haaretz Attacks AFDI anti-BDS Campaign: “Moving on from attacking Islam, Pamela Geller sponsors NYC bus ads against NIF”

Well, how did you think the radical leftist Haaretz would respond? The anti-Zionist Israeli newspaper attacks AFDI’s new campaign exposing the perfidy of the New Israel Fund and their donors. It is important to point out that Haaretz is in bed with the BDS-supporting New Israel Fund. Several politicians backed out of a conference run…

Pamela Geller in Haaretz

I responded to a particularly mindless but vicious smear written against me and my work in Haaretz. On the eve of Passover and the then-impending anniversary of the Boston savage bombing, Haaretz ran a piece entitled, “In Boston, saying ‘No’ to Pamela Geller’s savage hate.” I asked that in the interests of journalistic fairness, that…

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