The Uncovered Case Files of the Islamic Courts from “Free Syria”

There is no chance of there being any organized resistance against the tyranny of the Islamic courts and their terrorist backers when the population that suffers from their presence is so divided up and locked up in petty disputes, practising vendetta of the lowest order, where husbands get themselves another wife on a whim and beat the living daylights out of their old wife.

Al-Qaeda and Obama-backed Free Syrian Army Jihadis Seize Golan Heights Border Crossing

Obama’s Free Syrian Army “moderates” teamed up with al-Qaeda’s Nusra Front to carry out this operation, which portends more jihad attacks against Israel. Will John Kerry and John McCain tell us how wonderful these “moderates” are again? These traitorous fools are enabling jihad worldwide. “Syrian Rebels Seize Border Crossing With Israel,” by Ryan Lucas, Associated…

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