Hate Crimes Targeting Jews Rise for Second Year in a Row

While Islamic supremacists and their left elite media lapdogs pimp the isalmophobia narrative, reality if far different. Jewish Americans have bee the victim of the majority of religiously motivated hate crimes continuously since 1996, the earliest year for which the FBI has reported statistics. The number of hate crimes targeting Jews have increased year-on-year for the past two years. 2015 saw a 9 percent increase over the preceding year, and 2016’s 20 percent bump confirms this change in trend.


MUSLIM CONVERT antisemite arrested for BOMB THREATS to Jewish Centers, promised a ‘Jewish Newtown’ – was RUNNING FOR MAYOR of St. Louis in 2017

I can see kapo-Jews like Chuck Schumer and Wasserman-Schultz getting behind this black antisemite, can’t you? He is the perfect Democrat candidate – a hater, a racist, and an antisemite. Sounds like Keith Ellison and a host of other Dems.

And he’s a perfect journalist in Chicago – beloved racist, until two years of fake new stories and fake quotes became to ridiculous to ignore.


Death Threats, Bomb Threats Called In at Jewish Community Centers in at Least 10 US States

This is now weekly.There were reports of bomb threats at Jewish Community Centers in New Jersey, New York, California, Colorado and Utah.The new phase of terror. Scores of bomb threats to shuls and Jewish centers across the US.

Why aren’t these calls traced. Hopw hard can it be to track down scores of death/bomb threats.

Worldwide Epidemic

Above: “Apocalypse in Lilac, Capriccio”. Marc Chagall  employs one of his familiar motifs, an image of a crucified Jesus, which he used as a metaphor for persecuted Jewry. “Apocalypse” shows a naked Christ screaming at a Nazi storm trooper below the cross, who has a backwards swastika on his arm, a Hitler-like mustache and a…


Oliphant Cartoon 'Hideously Anti-Semitic' Teeny, tiny, itsy, bitsy Israel surrounded by ginormous Islamic supremacist lands that rapaciously devour the world and regurgitate it into an airless sharia bound prison ….. all anyone can talk about is the JEWS. To my righteous Christian friends, the evangelicals, my Sikh friends, my secret Muslims who write to me…


Muslims behind the synagogue attacks a few weeks ago?Atlas Shrugs: 3 MORE SYNAGOGUES ATTACKED in Chicago and Defiled …Atlas Shrugs: Synagogues Targeted for Hate Video hat tip EU WEI FBI raids North side home PAMELA, THIS IS VIDEO OF THE RAID IN CHICAGO THIS A.M. Federal agents executed a search warrant this morning at a…

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