EU Leaders: ‘No Link’ between New Year’s Eve Sex Attacks and Migrant Crisis

I half expect Angela Merkel to mutter, “I’ve always depended on the kindness of migrants,” echoing Blanche Du Bois as she descends into madness after reality blows her delusion and self-denial to smithereens. But that was fiction — this is fact. This policy of rewriting reality is a death sentence for the besieged Europeans and…

UK Muslima: “I want Cameron’s head on a spike”

The ingratitude. After all he has done for the Islamic supremacists in Britain, they still hate him. “‘I want Cameron’s head on a spike’: Female British jihadist hits out at PM ‘for wars against Muslims’ and says she doesn’t care if she is stripped of her citizenship,” by Sophie Jane Evans, MailOnline, September 8, 2014…

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