Pamela Geller, Breitbart News: “Cosmo Goes Sharia”

Read this. Are these the role models for young American women? What a disgrace. Young American women submitting to misogyny, patriarchy and hatred. Think of the trailblazers who came before just to get to this …. “Cosmo Goes Sharia,” By Pamela Geller, Breitbart, October 28, 2015 Cosmopolitan magazine last week published an interview with Brooke…


Garland Jihad: Texas Imam wants “change to the [free speech] law where people do not disrespect highly devout people”

“I think there needs to be a change to the law where people do not disrespect especially spiritually high people,” Texas Imam Mobasher Ahmed said. “Spiritually high” like who — the jihadists? So there you have — I am not saying it, a Texas imam is. This is the objective, and what I fight against….

June 6th — Never Forget the Fight for Freedom

Today is the 70th anniversary of D-Day, June 6, 1944, the day the allied forces launched combat operations on the beaches of Normandy to utterly defeat totalitarian supremacism. 150,000 allied troops landed along a 50-mile stretch of French coastline. Today is a day to remember and celebrate. Yes, relish our victories and learn. (Photos thanks…

Republican Congressman Mike Rogers to Keynote Muslim Brotherhood-Tied Group’s Event Honoring Ground Zero Mosque Imam

What is Rogers thinking? If he is thinking at all. He epitomizes the cluelessness of the Republican Party on these issues. As I reported at Atlas back in 2010, Rauf was “a key figure  in Malaysian-based Perdana Global Peace Organization,” which “helped sponsor the pro-Palestinian activists who clashed violently with Israeli commandos” on the jihad…


Daisy’s Con

Ground Zero mosqueteer Daisy the Khan is still trying to peddle her special brand of poison-laced snake oil. Opining on Oliver Stone's idiot boy's conversion to Islamo-Christian-Judaism (it's all that crystal meth, I'm sure), Khan condescends to explain, "this is what happens when u experience islam w/o prejudice." lml Islam is prejudice …. against kuffar,…


Ground Zero Mosque Supremacist “Daisy” Farhat Khan Seeks Sharia Law Program Manager

    The secular spinning queen of deception, Daisy the Khan, and her multi-married radical husband, the notorious imam of the Ground Zero triumphal mosque, Feisal Rauf, are seeking a sharia law project manager. Rauf is a fierce supporter of the sharia, as advanced in his book, Call to Prayer: Islamic Proselytizing for the World Trade…


WPIX TV Interview with Pamela Geller on Daisy Khan /Rauf Cancellation of Cordoba Event Exploiting 911 Tragedies for Shameless Promotion

I was interviewed earlier today concerning our victory over the shameless and vicious Ground Zero mosqueteers, who had intended to exploit 911 stories to further their grotesque supremacist Ground Zero organizations, Cordoba and ASMA, in a coldblooded act of shameless self-promotion. "We're so relieved," 911 family member Rosaleen Tallon said Wednesday afternoon. "We don't want…


CANCELLED! Daisy’s Con Could Not Stand Scrutiny and Scorn by 911 Family Members Who Objected to Play Sponsored by Taxpayers for Ground Zero Mosque Group

Due to the overwhelming response for free tickets to “Performing Tribute” tonight’s performance has been canceled.  The venue is not big enough to fit everyone who wished to attend and a larger venue was not available.  I apologize for the inconvenience. 911 Families Publicly Denounce Rauf and Daisy Khan's Cordoba Event Exploiting 911 Tragedies for…


911 Families Publicly Denounce Rauf and Daisy Khan’s Cordoba Event Exploiting 911 Tragedies for Personal Gain

The 911 Family members have issued this press release on Daisy and Rauf's jihad. 9/11 Family Members Question Cordoba Initiative Event WHAT:  9/11 Family members to attend " Performing Tribute" play sponsored by Cordoba Initiative and ASMA.                WHERE:  Cordoba Initiative / American Society for Muslim Advancement (ASMA) and Interchurch Center, 475 Riverside Drive, NYC,…


Daisy Shrugged

Covered Daisy. The con this month in MORE magazine. The dhimmedia is so completely in love with its own delusion and deception that they herald and laud the mosquerade of Daisy the Khan, of Ground Zero mosquetrosity infamy. If you read the lengthy MORE magazine piece, even a five-year-old could discern the conflicting assumptions, positions…


Ground Zero Mosquestrosity Names New Imam: Abdullah Adhami UPDATE: Daisy the Khan Out, too

Victory. We exposed Imam Rauf. He's out. PROTEST THE GROUND ZERO MOSQUE — FEBRUARY 3RD NYC COUNCIL HEARINGS BANNING WAL-MART 49-51 CHAMBERS STREET 12:45PM Here we go again. The Ground Zero Islamic supremacist mosque has named a new imam, confirming what we already know. Rauf was extreme, we exposed him, so they move on to…

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