Muslim prisoners threaten others: Convert or be beaten

Everywhere it’s the same: Islamic supremacism and domination from the Islamic State to the prisons in Australia to the asylum centers in Europe. And everywhere the denial by our elites becomes more frenzied and absolute. The fact is that prisons are hotbeds for jihad recruitment. “Muslim prisoners threaten others: Convert or be bashed,” By Lia…


Muslims WARN Christians living in Sweden ‘convert or die’ in blood-chilling messages, BEHEADINGS threatened – ‘We will bomb your rotten corpses afterwards’

Millions of Muslim “migrants” are flooding Europe, so expect more of this Islamic supremacism. Meanwhile, leftist Western leaders move children out of schools and parishioners out of churches to accommodate the invaders. In America, public schools assign the shahada in calligraphy class and force children to sing a Muslim prayer during a Christmas concert. Obama…

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