Saturday Night Cinema: Life at the Top

Tonight’s Saturday Night Cinema feature is Life at the Top. If you missed Room at the Top, I ran it back in June 2012 here. It is essential viewing. Life at the Top is a belated sequel to Room at the Top. John Blaine’s “angry young man” British novel was made into a film in 1959. Life at the Top is not as good as Room, but there are very good moments, and I am a big Laurence Harvey fan. And Harvey is back as Joe Lampton, the man-on-the-rise who in Room had given up true love in favor of a career-boosting (and antiseptic) marriage to his boss’ daughter.

Saturday Night Cinema

Tonight’s feature is the classic film, “M”. This film is nothing less than a masterpiece. It is a highly structured and stylized film about a serial killer. It created the serial killer genre, which includes such entries as Psycho and Silence of the Lambs. Alfred Hitchcock (the director of Psycho) was a disciple of Lang,…

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