British Muslim Preacher Supports Islamic State Caliphate: We Can Start Having Slave Girls Again

Sex slavery is a religious right in Islam. Kidnapping and enslaving girls as sex slaves is sanctioned by the Qur’an in multiple places — not one of the Muslim groups’ condemnations of the abductions addresses that or explains how it is a misunderstanding of Islam. Neither do their clueless leftist apologists. This is all according…

Strolling in a park, a London businessman and his THREE wives – just one of up to 20,000 such multi-wife Muslim marriages in polygamy

Nearly 70 percent of American Muslims believe that the U.S. should legalize polygamy…42 percent of those surveyed said they were either in, or knew others in polygamous marriages within the local Muslim community. Thirty-nine percent said they would engage in a polygamous marriage if it were legal in the United States….. continue reading. Shows like…

Scores of British Muslim Women Waging Jihad in Syria

They join the thousands of British Muslim men who make up 25% of the Islamic State’s foreign jihadist army. But Obama and Hamas-CAIR say this has nothing to do with Islam. That’s like saying Christianity has nothing to do with Christ. Read more: Westerners flock to Mideast to wage jihad “Report: 60 British women now…

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