Pamela Geller, Breitbart London: UK “Equalities” Chief, “Muslims won’t assimilate and become loyal Britons”

Do not miss my latest piece eviscerating the dhimmi British government for misleading and lying to the people of Britain concerning Muslim immigration. And share it widely. You know what to do to get the word out — “Geller: UK “Equalities” Chief Admits He Was Wrong, Muslims Won’t Assimilate,” By Pamela Geller, Breitbart London, April…


UK: 500 new cases of female genital mutilation in one month are ‘just the tip of the iceberg’

500 cases in a month. And that’s only who they are treating; the actual number is likely to be astronomically higher. Back in July, UK Prime Minister David Cameron attended a summit with some 500 delegates from 50 countries — including survivors of the practice, heads of state and front line professionals in London. However,…

UK pol George Galloway declares Bradford “an Israel-free zone”: “We don’t want any Israeli goods. We don’t want any Israeli services. We don’t want any Israeli academics…We don’t even want any Israeli tourists.”

The UK is so desperate to appease Islamic jihadists and supremacists that it was inevitable that they would eagerly take up Jew-hatred. The idea that George Galloway holds any kind of office shows how far Britain has fallen. “George Galloway declares Bradford ‘an Israel-free zone’ and warns away ‘Israeli tourists,’” by Adam Withnall, the Independent,…

UK Teacher orders boy, 10, to remove Help for Heroes wristband worn in memory of Lee Rigby “because it might cause offence” to Muslims

A teacher allegedly ordered a 10-year-old boy to take off his Help for Heroes wristband because it could cause offence. Tracy Tew was shocked when her son Charlie was put on a report card at Maldon Primary School in Essex after he refused to take off the charity rubber bracelet sold to honour injured soldiers. Britain is in free fall. This is the mentality of a defeated people, a captive people, anxious to appease its overlords. This is the mentality of a nation in its death throes.

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