Growing Muslim Terrorist Threat From ISIS Bosnian ‘Safe Havens’

More of the poisonous fruit of President Clinton’s war in Bosnia in support of the Muslims against the Serb Christians. Jihadis preparing for battle in the West find protection in its Islamic “safe havens.” Like President Carter backing the Ayatollah Khomeini against the pro-American Shah, the consequences of aiding and abetting Islamic movements are catastrophic.


“20 Years On – The Deception of Srebrenica Is Still Advancing Islamic Jihad”

Here’s a good piece exposing the continuing Islamic myth behind the Srebrenica narrative. It all began with a big lie. Here’s a good takedown  from Christopher J. Green, an investigative journalist and historian specializing in the decline of America and Western civilization. In case you missed it, Muslims stoned Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic, forcing…


“Deranged Lone Assassin” Mows Down, Stabs 37 Austrians, Answering ISIS’ Call to Balkan Muslims: “Either Join, or Kill Over There”

Yesterday I reported on the jihad rampage of a devout Bosnian Muslim who  ploughed his car into crowds in Austria’s second-largest city and then stabbed 37 Austrians. Of course, not one of the news reports or enemedia outlets speak to his ideology, motive or religion. Balkans expert Julia Gorin fleshes it out here: “Deranged Lone…


Bosnia: Muslim attacks Jewish leader with weighted chain as leader was being interviewed about status of Jews

More of Bill Clinton’s war on the Christians on behalf of the “tolerant” Muslims: Bosnia: Muslim attacks Jewish leader with weighted chain as leader was being interviewed about status of Jews  (thanks to Jihad Watch) Status of Jews in Bosnia: not very good, obviously. But…but…the Muslims in Bosnia are all moderates, and anyone who doesn’t…


What is Owed to the Serbs

On March 24, 1999, Bill Clinton unleashed a disastrous NATO air campaign against Yugoslavia, against the Christian Serbs, against a sovereign nation that did not pose a threat to members of the alliance. The bombing campaign was the second major combat op in its history, following the 1995 bombing of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The US…


US Muslim gave Islamic State jihadis US military uniforms, combat boots, tactical gear, firearms accessories, and thousands in cash

An American Muslim convert warned us,  “We are indeed here in America,” he said. “We’re in each and every state. We’re here in Ohio. We’re more organized than you think.” He said, “talking about how we should raise Jihad in America. We should form groups and alliances with the Islamic State. When I say groups,…

16 jihadists arrested in Bosnia, accused of fighting in Syria and recruiting for jihadist groups, including the Islamic State

Ah yes, Bosnia. More of the fruit of Clinton’s war for the Muslims against the Serb Christians. The gift that just keeps giving. Every day it becomes terribly clear how vicious it was of President Clinton to send US troops to fight alongside Albanian Muslims and defeat the Christian Serbs in the cause of Islam….

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